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    MY TIME NOT YOUR TIME is another Edition of the article I wrote on A minute of my time must not be wasted.

    Time can be defined as the inevitable progression into the future with the passing of present events into the past. 

    Time is inevitable in our day to day activities. Time is everything in this life. infact the Bible confirms that there's time for everything but only few people realizes their dream before their time dies off. 

    Have you realized your time and your dream ? With the situation of the nation, many people commits suicide, fraud and other related crimes because they couldn't wait for their time due to eagerness to succeed in life having forgotten that "MY TIME IS NOT YOUR TIME.

    There is an appointed time and a season for the fulfillment of every dream in life.

    Many people will panic to find a charger  to charge their phone before the battery  dies but won't panic to find a plan before their dream dies. Having forgotten that time awaits nobody, while your mates are busy planning on their dreams, what were you doing ?". Remember  "What is meant for you  will never pass you  only if you  know  the TIME. Else what is meant for you will pass". 


    1. So are you still  worried about your academic life? your mates already gained admission while you are still at home, your mates are already Serving the Nation while you are still in 100level? your parents are complaining about your sluggishness in your education. Tell them "MY TIME IS NOT YOUR TIME". trust Me your time will never pass you, just be patient; let slow and steady win the race, But always be cautious of your time. do not eat when you are supposed to be fasting.  

    2. Almost all Your friends are now married, infact most of them are now fathers and mothers of their own kids while you are still out there seeking for job opportunities. Is that why you feel devastated? always remember that Your Time is different from theirs. I have seen couples who got Wedded and never had a child for about 10years until the 11th year after their wedding. had it been they didn't wait for the right time they (the couples) might not be able to give their testimony. 

    3. Your mates maybe in a relationship while you are still single that doesn't make you a failure, you are just a step ahead, don't compare your life with that of others. Your mates maybe making it in life while you are still struggling in life. I want you to realize that those are your mates not you because it's "MY TIME" and "NOT YOUR TIME",  "MY TIME IS NOT YOUR TIME".

    4 For the fact that your parents and members of the family are on your neck doesn't mean you should rush into marriage you need to know what's best for you, don't do what makes people happy all the time but do what makes you happy there's no how you can please everyone on earth planet but you can still please yourself after all it's your life, not theirs.  

    5. Your friend maybe into cyber crime, robbery, ritual and making it big in their criminal roles my brother that shouldn't be a reason for you to join the league. 

    I want you to understand that God has a better plan for you and for this plan to come to reality you have to realize that "MY TIME IS NOT YOUR TIME".  

    In Addition, The reasons why many people fail in life is "comparison". comparing your life with other people's lives can be motivating and at the same time cause destruction to your life. Don't compare your life with other people's life because doing so can intimidate you to do the right thing at the wrong time and vice versa.

    In conclusion,  God's time is the best while waiting and praying for your time to come, discover your potential(s), work on your passion and chase your Career before your dream dies off.  Heaven helps those who help themselves.  As a single, don't let the opposite sex get you distracted; As a lady, pursue your dreams, get to the top. You will be well respected when you get married so wait for the right time. As a young man, harness your potentials and work on your innate abilities, just the right one for you will surface; stop chasing shadows.

    So right now I want you to wake up from your dream and keep winning, keep racing, keep achieving, don't be discouraged by your failure because winners never quit. Wait for your time let slow and steady win the race.


    Always remember that your Time will never pass you and that "MY TIME IS NOT YOUR TIME".

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