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  • People do brag about their age, celebrate their age and mourn their loved ones that passed away at young age but does Age really matter in a man's life?. Naija poly TV have piled up inspiring tips on what you need to know about age.

    Age Means The number of full years, months, days, hours, etc., that someone, or something, has been alive. Age can be  defined in many ways but the most significant  thing about age is that, it works with time.

     Sometimes thinking about our age make us feel sad and at the other end make us feel better. The number of days, hours , weeks and years speaks all about our age. 

    Age has alot of complications as some people at some stage in their life feel  shy of their age, some even go extra mile to forge their age but the fact is you can only forge age but you cannever forge the amount of days, weeks, hours and years you will use on earth.

    Either age does and does not matter to you you need  to  face reality of life this is because time waits for nobody and since no one knows tomorrow you have to make good use of your time as your age  is just a figure and in this write up I will  discuss some basic facts about age even though not all facts are true but at least you should be able to get some points which maybe of great impact in your life.  

    1. EDUCATION:  Education has nothing to do with your Age and also age does not matter in education. You can always pursue your career at either youth or old age. So either you are schooling now as a young person or an Adult what should be your concentration is the education and not age. People go to school at 40,50, 60 etc and for you to still be under 30 doesn't mean you are slow just know what you are doing. Life doesn't care about your age what they want to see is achievement. 

    Remember  in secondary school then, for example if you are in SS3 at the age of 14 and an Jss3 student who is 16years old will have to call you senior  and still accord you respect Despite he/She is older than you? That is a strong prove that education has nothing to do with age. Sometimes I just laugh in my class during ND when this man in my class then brag about his age and how many years he wrote WAEC but the truth is, who cares about when you finished secondary school and also who cares about how many years you spent at home? Nobody cares about that what they want is result which is your achievement so just face reality and focus on your studies. Don't be sad for being an adult among those kids in your department I want you to know that age is about time and time is based on how you utilised or  spend them. You don't even know if you will live to see tomorrow or do you? No! Therefore spend your time well and try to achieve because when you are gone forever your achievements in life will speaks for you after your demise but if you let your age weigh you down you may not achieve all your aims because you feel too big for it.

      A student messaged me during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown to ask for what he can be doing to make income and I told him to get a skill but his response shocked me and he was like, "I am 28years old already I can't learn handwork again" I smiled and replied "Age is just a number achievement is the major factor"

    Education has no age limit, so don't let your marriage, work or your age stop you from acquiring education. I believe you already know that education is not about going to school alone. So if you are among those students that see others as immature because you are older than them or you don't want to relate with them because of your age the truth is, you are doing yourself because that age will make you ignore people you suppose to learn from. When it comes to education forget about the age, forget about time, forget about how many of your friends have gone for NYSC just focus on your own  achievements. 

    2. RELATIONSHIP: We are now living in a world where civilization has paralysed morals. During the days of our grandfathers people don't consider age as a factor for genuine love and true relationships unlike these days where age is now criteria for marriage.  Last year a friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend after discovering  she is three years older than him but despite  all my words to convince her,  all was in vain. I even asked her if the guy wronged her in anyway and she said No!. she said  her boyfriend lied to her about his age and I am not surprised about it because if the guy didn't lied about his age she wont have accepted his proposal but does Age really matter in relationship and marriage? No! age does not in anyway matter but also matters it depending  on your own desire.  

    People have this mentality that dating someone who is very far older than you means that the person may  likely  die before you  haven forgotten that seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years and time can only be decided by God and not man and the funniest thing is that no one knows his or her time of death, I have seen couples who married  considering age as factor and died few years after tying the knot.

    The mistake people make is that they try doing what life expects from them to do  instead of doing what makes them happy.  Age doesn't matter in relationships or marriage it is not a factor to consider. 30 yr old woman can date and marry a 25 yr old man as long as both of them are happy then it is the best decision. People will criticize you but hope you know people won't be the one to make you happy. It's better to be with someone whom you love and also love you in return than being with someone because you don't want to feel too big due to the age differences.   I am not saying you should start dating teenagers or small boys but my point is that, love has nothing to do with age. If you want to love someone then love wholeheartedly as age doesn't matter. 

    3. PRIDE: sometimes age can be an amour of pride but I want you to know that your age does not in anyway bring food to your table so don't allow your age to ruin your relationship with people. You want everyone to add prefix before your name for example, you want them to call you Brother Ahmad, Sister Loveth, Aunty Mary, uncle John but I want you to know that all these doesn't matter because respect is a reciprocal If you show people respect you will get it in return so don't always expect them to call you "Mr" or give you respect all the time. Always remember that age is just a number it doesn't add or reduce your GPA. Instead put more efforts so as to achieve your goals. Once you become an achiever you earn more respect and dignity automatically.

    5. AGE SHYNESS: There is no big deal about age, there is nothing to lie about or hide about age. Your age is your age and if you add or remove to it it doesn't change God's plan for your life. If God says you will die at 40 you can't escape it and that's why I said earlier that you can forge age, lie about your age but you can never forge time, you can't reduce or add to the amount of hours and years you will use on earth so forget about your age and focus on achieving your goals.  I still don't know why people hide their age but I guess one of the reasons is proudness because they don't want to get benched by their friends. I am just a 24 year old guy what's wrong with that? You are older than me right? and that does not in any way mean you will make it in life before me like I said in my previous write up life is all about race so buckle up and when others are Chasing career don't wait to count age rather count your blessings and your achievements. 

    6. AGE AND TIME: Time is the major factor and age doesn't matter what matters about time is how well you spend those times for example if you spend your time in school enjoying your independence instead of learning time shall tell because you can never cheat time. Age does not matter in time because it is the amount of time you spend that makes  age and this category explains why you must take things easy in life. For the fact that you are above 30 and still haven't achieve much in life doesn't mean you will die poor just utilise your time well on something productive that will give a positive result. Your mate can have Lexus jeep at 24 you can get yours at 54 or 64 the difference between 24 and 54 is time so it now lies on you things to do with your life within those time.  forget about age and focus on achieving your goals. It doesn't matter if you are loosing now in as much you would win later then keep on moving.

    In nutshell, The areas where age matters in your life is dying without achieving your goals. Wasting your time on unnecessary things. By the time you realized that you are gonna die sooner or later after spending your entire years of unfruitful living and unable to fulfil your dreams is when age matters and by then it will be too late because what you ought to have done when age doesn't matter would now be what you hope  to do when age matters. So now that you still have many chances focus on achieving your goals. Anytime you mark or celebrate your birthday(Age)  always try to mark Or  celebrate Your new achievements too Because the age is just a number While achievements is the major key. Celebrating your age Over and over as years passby  with zero achievement is a sign you are One of those who cherish their age more than their purpose in life. I hope you are not one of those? 
    It's never too late to make amends. Good day

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