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  • Fedpoly Bida Announced Phased Resumption of Students


    Following the Federal Government Directive on resumption of Academic Activities in Tertiary Institutions, the Academic Board met on Wednesday 14, 2020 and approved a phased resumption of Students in the following order: –

    1 Five (5) days to resumption 16th October, 2020, all 2019/2020 Students are strongly advised to undergo COVID 19 Test before their arrival on Campus
    2 Wednesday, 21st October, 2020   School resumes for Academic Activities 
    3 Wednesday, 21st October, 2020 Registration for all Students commences
    4 Monday, 26th October, 2020 All 2017/2018 HND II and ND II Students to submit their Projects  
    5 Saturday, 31st October, 2020 
    All Project defense for 2017/2018 HND II & ND II must be completed on or before 31st October, 2020  

    6 Monday, 2nd November, 2020 Lectures begin for all Students except SIWES Students 
    7 Saturday, 5th December, 2020
    End Of SIWES  

    8 Monday, 7th December, 2020 Lectures begin for SIWES Students
    9 Friday, 18th December, 2020 Christmas Break  

    10 Monday, 4th January, 2021 Resumption from Christmas Break 
    11 Monday, 4th January, 2021 Online Registration begin for
    2020/2021 (HND I & ND I) new Students  

    12 Tuesday, 12th January, 2021 Registration of Post Semester begin 
    13 Five (5) days to resumption 19th – 23rd January, 2021, all 2020/2021 Students are strongly advised to undergo COVID 19 Test before their arrival on Campus    

    14 Sunday, 24th January, 2021 All newly admitted Students for 2020/2021 Academic Session arrive on Campus  

    15 Monday, 25th January, 2021 Lectures begin for HND I & ND I Students of 2020/2021 Academic Session  

    16 Monday, 8th February, 2021 Departmental Orientation  

    17 Tuesday, 9th February, 2021 School Orientation  

    18 Wednesday, 10th February, 2021 Polytechnic Orientation  

    19 Friday, 12th February, 2021 Matriculation Ceremony for all 2019/2020 & 2020/2021 HND I and ND I newly admitted Students  

    20 Saturday, 13th February, 2021 End of lectures for HND II & ND II 2018/2019 HND I & ND I 2019/2020 Students      

    21 Monday, 15th February, 2021 First Semester Examination
     commences for HND II, ND II, HND I & ND I 2018/2019 & 2019/2020 Students End of First Semester Examination March Saturday 6th, 2021

    22 Monday, 8th March, 2021 Post Semester Examination commences End of Post Semester Examination March Saturday, 13th, 2021

    23 Saturday, 17th April, 2021 End of Lectures for HND I & ND I 2020/2021 Academic Session  

    24 Monday, 19th April, 2021 First Semester Examination begin for HND I & ND I 2020/2021 Academic Session First Semester Examination to end on Friday, 30th April, 2021

    25 Five (5) days to resumption Tuesday, 4th May, 2021, all returning Students are strongly advised to undergo COVID 19 Test before their arrival on Campus   
    26 Sunday, 9th May, 2021 All returning Students arrive on Campus 
    27 Wednesday, 12th May, 2021 Lectures begin for all returning Students
    28 Wednesday, 26th May, 2021 Sports Fiesta commences Satur2021

    29th May, 2021 End of Sports Fiesta

    29 Monday, 31st May, 2021 Registration of Post Semester commence  

    30 Saturday, 24th July, 2021 End of lectures for all Students 
    31 Monday, 26th July, 2021 CBT/Practical Examination begin End of CBT/Practical Examination on Saturday, 31st July, 2021
    32 Monday, 2nd August, 2021 Second Semester Examination begin End of Second Semester Examination on Saturday, 21st August, 2021
    33 Monday, 23rd August, 2021 Post Semester Examination begin for all concerned Students End of Post Semester Examination on Saturday, 28th August, 2021
    34 Monday, 30th August, 2021 SIWES commences for all concerned Students  

    All Students are expected to come with face masks and hand sanitizers
    All COVID 19 protocols must strictly be adhered to in the hostels and lecture halls (Social distancing)
    A committee to monitor compliance has been put in place
    Chief Stephen Isah

    For: Registrar

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