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    Commitment simply means Promise or agreement to do something in the future. Alot of future plans has never come to pass because people lack commitment to make such plan a reality. Many Relationship couldnt last longer because the partners lack the commitment to stick together and also marriages are not left out as alot of marriage has capsized because of the lack of commitment. 

    Taking commitment now to our level which is Education, students couldn't graduate because they lack commitment and also the young business men and women could not make a headway in their business line simply because they lack  commitment. Youth of now and days prefer "already made" than their own made and that's why it has been difficult for many of them to succeed in their endeavors. 

    As I explained earlier the definition of commitment means agreement or promise to make something happen in future, so I will pick some points and explain why you need to stay committed to whatever you do. In a relationship, when things doesn't go the way you expected leaving or abandoning your partner for another person whom you think is more better is not the best option and before you accept anyman or woman in your life it is neccesary for you to think very well and at least know if the charisma you need  in a man/woman is embedded in such person. Relationship do capsize  last because the partners finds it difficult to be committed to it and that's why sometimes you hear these statements, "I can't cope with him anymore because he is too broke" "I can't continue to be with her because she is too jealous" and some people even at some stage in their relationship cheat on their partner because they lack commitment. 

    As stated earlier what commitment means is agreement and promise to make something happen in future so when you propose love to her that means you hopefully want to marry her and seeing another woman signifies you are not a man of your words. The truth is, you cant find all the things you want about a man of your dreams in one person for example you want a man who is good in bed, God fearing, good cook, a man who has six pack, a man who is rich and come from a good home, a man who is responsible, a man who is this and who is that besides do you posses 50% of all those things you want in a man? I guess the answer is No and for these reasons some young ladies are easily carried away, you have a man who is caring and also have a bestie who is good in bed  what is wrong with you why can't you just stay committed to the first relationship? Why running from one man to another ? Why are you changing woman as if you are changing clothes? If at this your age your relationship doesn't exceed a month or years you always complain then I will advise you to embrace the spirit of commitment. 

    I have been In a double relationship and the reason why I did that was because my first girlfriend do misbehave, she doesn't call and she won't breastfeed me  and as you know milk is essential for man to grow so i felt she doesn't like me and I cheated on her with another beautiful woman, the second girlfriend I had then is the type of lady that can breastfeed and even do more so to me I thought God have answered my prayers as the double relationship 
    Proceeds i noticed the second girlfriend is not my type I can't cope with a woman who only cares about herself. My second girlfriend Becky by name would come to my house she won't even ask if I have eaten or not, she doesn't know how to clean up and anytime she come over I always feel uncomfortable because she would want me to cook for her and I will also be the one to wash her plates she only come over when I have money and it gets to a point I realised my first girlfriend Deborah was still the beast because anytime Deborah come over she will clean the bed, cook for me, ask about my plans for the future and she will always encourage me not to give up on my work but because I lack commitment I cheated on her with Becky. 

    So it comes to a time I no longer want to see Becky because she is like a burden to my life and her breast is no longer sweet to me. I later realised she is not the woman of my dream and before I know my first girlfriend caught me cheating and didn't listen to my pleading. She said she was studying the type of man I was and that was why  she didn't allow me touch  and that was how I lost a precious woman in my life. I like Deborah so much but I couldn't stay committed to the relationship because I was carried away and that was how I loose a good lady who was ready to spend the rest of her life with me and the funniest thing is that Becky later broke up with me with the yahoo boy I posted available for hookup on poly TV years back and since then I have vowed never to do hook up again.

    My dear brothers and sister if you are already in a relationship and you really like the person And happy with him or her please stay committed to the person and don't be carried away with those ass twerking you see online or think of finding a better person the next person may even be worst than your previous partner. If he is ugly that shouldn't be a reason for you not to stay committed and by the time you find a handsome man, he might be an irresponsible or big for nothing.  No matter what people tell you or what guys say no mater how beautiful they are always be committed to your relationship.

    STUDIES:  Staying committed to your studies will help you survive your trying time in school, there are some times when you feel disappointed, sometimes when you feel like giving up due to academic frustration and other challenges that may arise in school but you know what? Staying committed will remind you that "quitters never win." if you stay committed to your studies there's no how you won't be successful in your academics.  

    BUSINESS : Either you choose to be a business man or an entrepreneur, the most important is to stay committed to your business especially if you are just a beginner. There is no gain without shortage. Commitment will remind of you of better days ahead by the way a mansion isn't build in a day.  People have known to you to be a barber and all of a sudden you change to tailoring and from tailoring again you change to a plumber maybe because things doesn't turn well as you expected but You must understand that business takes time it is not what you invest in a day and get rewarded the same day. If you believe in doing business and enjoying doing it then  stay committed to it. You will definitely make it one day. 

    OTHERS:  Whatever you choose to be doing stay committed to it. If you are an artist, a singer or an instrumentalist, don't be in haste to be famous, stay committed and know what you are doing. Never compare yourself with Dangote, wizkid or billgate. You are not brought up the same way instead follow their footsteps and make use of their ideas and stay committed to whatever you choose to be doing.

    I wrote previously on:


    A STUDENT MUST BE ABLE TO MAKE A DECISION; Decide on what S/he truly wants and also to decide on the type of future s/he aspires

    A student must be SERIOUS with his or her DECISION to become a successful person in life.

    DETERMINATION: DETERMINE today on what you want to become in future perhaps on your decision. Determination means bringing an end to something. You can determine to start focusing on your dreams and mind you remember that;

    COMMITMENT: Remember to stay committed to your determination. If you have determined to remain virgin till marriage, stay committed to your decision. If you have determined not to cheat on your partner then stay committed to him or her. Commitment is bedrock and ladder to success so learn how to be committed. 

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