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  • Nassarawa Polytechnic Rector Assure Students Of Steady Electricity
  • Rector with SUG Executives

    The Newly Appointed Rector of Nassarawa State Polytechnic, Lafia has assured students of steady electricity and also promised to tackle other challenges being experienced by students of the institution.

    According to the press statement signed by the SUG President which reads:


    It is said, understanding the prospect of leadership is understanding those you are leading.

    By Standard, Management of every Academic Institution are or should be the best friend to the Body responsible for monitoring and conducting the affairs of the students which is popularly known as the S.U.G.

    After the appointment of Dr. Mrs Justina Kotso as the Rector of IMA POLYTECHNIC Lafia, by the Executive Governor of Nasarawa State Eng. A. A. Sule.
    It was for  this  reason  the Student Union Government paid Courtesy to the Rector of the Institution to congratulate and also discuss issues concerning the students of the school.

    The meeting was actually meant to use a stone to kill two birds, the Students Representative were able to table issues concerning their affairs and welfare as students.

    Problems/issues tabled to the Rector may not be totally itemized but below are a few:

    The Representative of the students were able to state categorically clear to the Rector of the challenges encountered by majority of students who fall sick and go to the School Clinic for medical attention but were never opportuned to have any. It has really been a hell of experience which is better imagined than experienced. This condition has forced students to seek medical attention else where, which is totally unfair.

    2. Absence of Internet Facility For Students.
    The absence of Internet accessibility within the school premises has also contributed to a large extent in reducing the Students exposure to excellent materials for assignment and research work,  the management should come to the aid of students by reducing the expenses in acquiring data by making the SCHOOL ICT facilities available for all students.

    3. Security
    Learning can only be achieved when there is adequate security apparatus, which will enhance the safety of students on campus 24hours. The management should ensure those who are  saddled with the responsibility of safe guarding the institution are people who are relaible and are equal to the task.It was furthered discussed that the school should be fenced just like the neighboring College of Agriculture and that of the Federal University both in Lafia town. 

    4. ELECTRICITY(street light on campus)
    The need for light in a  school system cannot be over emphasize, it was base on this that the Student Union Government were appealing to the management of the school to see the need of Providing electricity in the school which may enable students to have a quiet time to practice, study make research which will adequately improve their academic performance. it was discussed that students find it difficult to read at home in the mist of neighbor who prefer listening to music at an hour other students wish to study. The only place to find solace for reading is the school and without electricity students cannot read in school thereby affecting academic performance of those who wish to put in their best.

    It is no more news that the institution have a hostel which was meant to be given to Students inorder to reduce the expenses of Students in the school. The release of the hostel will go a long way in reducing the excessive amount Students paid for rent. The SUG sought to know the reason why the Hostels are not put into good use. 

    It is no news,  that the process of recording and assessment of Students scores go through a terrible process. It is for this reason that the students union suggested that all departments should adopt the Computer Science Department methods of computing and displaying each Student's performance in every course. This process will help Students know their strength and weakness and put more effort in their study.

         The Rector in her reaponse asured and reassured the SUG of her readiness to join forces with everyone in the school to elevate the institution. Below were her response to the issues raised:
    The Rector has assured the Students Union of Her readiness to brighten the school again and issues surrounding electricity is one of her periorities and measures were already on ground to deal with the situation.

    The Rector expressed her concern over the poor nature of the healthcare facility in the school,
    She asure the Union that she is going to do everything possible to better the healthcare facility so that students can use anytime they choose to.

    * ICT
    Being an academia and lover of modern education for younger generation, it is  practically impossible to improve the academic performance of Students without working on facilities that will help in achieving it.
    For this very reason, she  insisted in making sure that the registration/application for admission will now be done online, on-like the usual manual process. This alone is a road map to adopting an academic environment which will ease Students from stress and subsequently other aspects will be looked into.

    The need for the school to have her own hostel is very important she said, and as for the hostels on ground, the management have decided to have  good assessment on the building to ascertain the safety of Students before letting it out,for the safety of Students is important to Her.

           After unavailing the plan of Her Administration and that of the management of the school to improve the academic standard of her students towards academic activities, She also emphasize on the necessity for dialogue, negotiation, and a leveled playing ground between the management and Students.
    She also adviced the Union on the following:

    a) The need to encourage Students to pay their school fees on time, for that is the only means/source of revenue for the school.

    b) The need for Unions to  report issues to appropriate quarters instead of engaging in protest, rioting and other unlawful activities which at the end of the day will delay or affect the academic calendar.

    c) She also informed the Union of Her readiness to operate an open system of Administration, where genuine issues, suggestion, ideas etc will always be welcomed.

    d) The need to dress in a decent manner should always be our watch as Students, she also said and I quote "The way you  dress, determine how you will be addressed".

    e) As a mother, she also adviced the Students to put academics above all things. These and others made the highlights of the meeting.

              The meeting ended with words of appreciation from Comrd. ADIGIZI, A A. While the SUG President Comrd. Godwin Ishaku concluded by  appreciating her, for the time and looked forward to working with Her.

    Long live Nigeria @60 
    Long live Nasarawa State @24
    Long live the IMA POLYTECHNIC
    Long live the Governing Council
    Long live the Rector/Management IMA POLYTECHNIC
    Long live the Students Union Government
    Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta.
    Godwin Ishaku
     (SUG President IMA POLYTECHNIC Lafia)
    *****ADIGIZI, Augustine Anthony 
              (Public Administration,  IMA POLYTECHNIC)

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