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    As a result of the challenges people face these days I have come to drop this piece on "Prayer is the key" And what you need to know about prayer.

    Prayers is the process of communicating with God.  Prayer has been in existence since ancient days even before you were born. Prayer is just like your phone which connect you with the other person. Prayer is a means of communicating with God. Before Islam and Christianity came to lime light in Nigeria.

    Our forefathers always pray to the gods and sometimes like once in year they celebrate the gods with their best belongings as offerings. some offer the gods big tuber of yams, fatest animals, some even slaughter their first child as offering to the gods.

     I also learnt our forefathers after making their sacrifices pray to the gods to bless their land and the fruits of their labour and  if anyone of them had difficulties the gods could be contacted for possible solution. Prayer has been the key since ancient days.

     Both Muslim and Christians pray to God And also there are many gods and also there has been debate on different types of God but it should be noted that there is only one God and that one God has different names based on your own language. Some refer to it as Allah while some refer to God as Jehovah just the way Igbo call king Igwe, Yoruba call king Oba and Emir in the northern parts of the country.

    STUDENTS: As a student of higher learning you need prayer to make a headway in your academic endeavours. There are some difficult times in school when you will feel like giving up. School challenges can also make you loose focus at some point but  prayer Remains  the key to any academic frustration. The mistake humans make is that they always accept misfortune as God plan for their life which is absolutely wrong. For example a student who always fail in school despite the fact he always read and take studies serious and still fail and in such case the student will be like "I have accepted it as my fate from God" no never accept such fate rather go on your Kneels and pray.

    You have the right to question God and ask why somethings is  happening to you,  you have the right to make requests, make demands. Prayer is the key and this has nothing to do with Whom you are, where you are from And whether you are sinner or Saint  because Jehovah the Almighty Allah   is a merciful God.  If you are in this category where you feel like giving up on your education or you are experiencing some challenges in school there is no Need to write "Sad mood" on your status instead go on your knees and pray to God. You have been given a power which is your tongue so use it to pray. Trust me if you are patient enough you will see results. God never fail

    A friend once told me how prayer saved her from a Lecturer who demand sex as reward for mark and she said prayer saved her from the lecturer. She told me the man even asked her later that he didn't know how she managed to pass his exam. That is the power of a prayer. It is essential for everyone to grow academically, spiritually, financially etc.  Challenges can come in any form in school and if such challenges is above what you can solve then there is a need to go on your knees and pray. Education is the key but Prayer is the master key

    SPIRITUAL ATTACK: many Today are facing spiritual attack problems in which they seek for solutions from men of God. Spiritual attack is not a problem that can be solved easily and this has been the reason why there are fake prophets that will promise you solutions but still no solution. Spiritual attack can cause death if necessary step is not taken. The first step to take for every spiritual attack is to go on your knees and pray. Communicate with your God and draw his attention to your problems if you have faith I am sure he will deliver you and if the challenges is too much for you then you can seek for spiritual cleansing from men of God.

     PRAY WITH YOUR MOUTH: Prayer is the key to every problems. Before you embark on any journey ask for God's protection And it is not necessary you pray for hours..a minute word of prayer is okay if you are the lazy type. Say your prayers with your mouth and not on social media. Your WhatsApp status is not your tongue. You have to use your mouth to say what you want from God and not your facebook account. Placing bible or Quran under your pillow at night  doesn't stop spiritual attack and the only weapon you have is the "Word" so say those words with your mouth and not Audio prayer.


    You must understand that prayer without hardwork is Nothing.God is not a magician, you cant be praying to God for blessing while sitting at home doing nothing. A case study of a graduate Praying to God for employment and still sitting at home Instead  of writing applications to companies and be expecting God to perform miracles.  If you want to pass exams you have to read and try your best. God blessings is not by forwarding messages on social media. 

     If you are the type of person who believes that sharing a WhatsApp post to 20 group chat will make you score A in Nigeria exam then you are just fooling yourself. For miracles to happen you have to work then pray for God to crown your efforts. I always laugh at those students who do fool themselves during exams they won't eat, bath and some of them will abstain from having sex fasting and praying to pass exams. God is not a fool he sees your heart. Starving yourself And not taking your bath doesn't stop failure. The best thing to do is to Eat, work hard and pray. Energy comes from the food you eat. God is not strict. Your religion and belief is what makes it look as if God is strict. Pray

     The best thing to do is to Eat, work hard and pray. Energy comes from the food you eat. God is not strict. Your religion and belief is what makes it look as if God is strict. Pray with your mouth during exams and work hard by God's grace you will come out in flying colours. There is no need to starve yourself during exams except if you are told to do so by God. God sees your heart he knows how serious you are and this is why you see some people who pray like there is no tomorrow yet nothing good in their life. Prayer without hardwork is nothing and also hardwork doesn't guarantee success and this is why you need to pray to God to crown all your efforts.

     Is it not silly to Go to the mountain to pray to God to credit your account? why can't you just lay your hands on a work then ask God to bless your work so that funds can come in. Prayer is the key and at the same time you must do it the proper way. You can't be praying for upper credit and distinction and still be missing classes and practicals. How will the magic happen? God is not a magician  thus Prayer without work is nothing, if you don't work the truth is, you may end up spending the rest of your life on the mountain fasting and praying for miracles.


    There are different cultures of Praying, some people believe that untill they climb a mountain, some believe they have to go on their knees, some believe they have to close their eyes, some believe they have to stand, some believe they have to kill chicken or ram before their prayer can be answered but I want you to know that your tongue and mind is your power in prayer.  

    There are some cases where other people will stand to pray while I sit, there are some cases where some people will shout and loose their voice but I maintain my silence prayers and sometimes when others will fast for days  I make sure I eat and vice versa and I must confess God has been grateful in my life. Prayer Has nothing to do with your religion what matters is your faith.  It is not untill you go to mosque, church or shrines to swear before your prayer can be answered. You can as well say your prayers in your room and God will answer your prayers.

     Whatever culture of prayer you believe in just go for it regardless of what people say. Some people culture of prayer is water, once they pray in water and drink they believe their prayer has been answered and that doesn't mean you that pray with candle that your prayer won't be answered God sees your mind. All these are cultures of prayer. The way American pray is different from Africans and still God show his wonders. This is another prove that prayer is the key. Prayer is the solution to every problems. Whichever God you believe in and whichever culture of prayer you practice just say your prayers with your mouth wholeheartedly.


    Whenever you are communicating with God try as much As possible to make it between you and God and nobody else. I am sure when you are talking to your boyfriend and girlfriend on phone you won't want others to be listening to your conversation so how much more God? Prayer is the key and to get the key you have to do your prayers appropriately especially those who have roommates.


    It is wrong to be shouting at the top of your voice in the Midnight thereby causing inconvenience for people living within the neighborhood. Learn   a good culture of prayer. It is not until you loose your Voice before your prayers can be answered.

    Prayer is Another means of overcoming temptation. Temptation can appear in any form that you can never imagine but prayer will make you overcome It. Some people sees temptation as a blessing not knowing it is a bait For their downfall  but prayer can help you overcome   Temptations. You don't know where your own temptation can come from thus prayer is  key to flyover temptations.

    LIFESTYLE:  Everyone have his or her own life to live, I don't preach Religion  Instead I will tell you to pray to Whichever God Or  gods you believed in for direction trust me God will Lead  you in the right path. If you don't know how to pray With your own mouth you will end up wasting your time sleeping in churches And mosques  praying against witches and wizards of your fathers house because they will always tell you that Witches are your problems. Prayer is the key and when I say pray I didn't mean you Should turn to a pastor or Alfa. I mean you should Include  prayer in your lifestyle because it is the key to open all doors.

    Communicating with God is by the mouth and heart, that is, praying either to give thanks for what he has done or make fresh demands.  Praying to God has nothing to do with your outward look. Applying make up does not stop your prayers from being answered. Infact some people don't bath for days while praying in which I believe that is just a culture of prayer. either you put on earrings, make dreads or tinted hair all these doesn't mean your prayers won't be answered. When praying to God Or making demands it should be from your heart and make sure it is clean because God is not ugly neither is he a dirty God


    There is no perfect relationship and marriage but prayer can Flatten some curves  in Your relationship and marriage. If things Didn't go well in your relationship you can go on your Kneels and say prayers To God to revive your relationship. I have met People who blame their partners for their badluck and this is common among guys. They will be like "Since I have been dating her my life has not been progressing" But the case maybe otherwise and you can't just arrive at that conclusion until you ask God to open your eyes And pray to God For  restoration Rather than blaming another person for your badluck. 

    Most times we are the cause of our own problems And prayer is the key to solve such problems.A life without God is an incomplete life. You need to make God the director general of your relationship and particularly  your marriage. This category is not for people who go into relationship because they are hungry or horny but for those who understand what it means to love and to be loved. God is love and if you truly understand this then you can have a healthy relationship.

    PRAYER SAVES: prayer is the key to all problems, if you have Been experiencing financial challenges, emotional Problems  and other challenges just go on your kneels and pray. I remember When I Was 8yrs old I fell sick for about three months, a prophet told my mom that my spirit has been turned to a goat And if the goat is killed I May die   Meanwhile a goat has been bought by the family to be slaughtered as Sacrifice for My Recovery and to cut story short it was prayers that revived me to life that time because despite the drugs and hospital treatments no changes untill I was taken to a prophet who prayed for my healing. 

    I have once shared this story in one of my previous write up where I explained about "Village people" Thus, prayer is the key because it saves one from Troubles and some unforeseen challenges. There are some problems you can't share with family and friends because of its weight but no matter heavy your problems is God will help you. You just need to call upon him through your prayer because that is the only key.

    I don't know what you are going through right now but You must never give up or loose focus just believe that things will turn well for you One day it might not be today, might not be tomorrow but one day for sure God will say amen to your prayers and when the result of your prayer is out, people Will be in shock and now that you are still looking up-to God to answer your prayers just keep believing and never lose hope in your prayers Because God is not a magician it takes time for a prayer to become a reality. Never forget that prayer without work is nothing.

    In conclusion, it is not everything that requires prayer, there are some stages where you only have to take actions and not prayer a case study is a toxic relationship, you don't need prayer to change him Or her Than to quit also when you are feeling headache after prayer make sure you take medication like paracetamol while praying you need to apply sense as well. After fasting for days try to eat so that you won't loose consciousness. Try to pray once in a while especially when you observe things are not moving well in your life then go on your knees.

     As we all know How  effective Communication makes relationship stronger same as prayer with God, the more you communicate the stronger the relationship between you and God and the more he loves you. I Have come to conclude this write up By stating clearly that prayer is the only and master key to every problems and we need to Include  prayer In our lifestyle As it is the key for both physical and spiritual growth. 

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