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    There's something bothering my mind concerning the education system in Nigeria which led to the writing of  this Article "pitfalls in Nigeria Education" using students and graduates as a case study. 

    l want to point out some facts, so the youths can quickly make amends.

    From the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary,  Education can be defined as the process or art of imparting knowledge, skill and judgment (countable) Facts, skills and ideas that have been learned, either formally or informally.

    Generally, Education or being educated can be described as the ability to read and write.  

    Education can be acquired in two ways which are formal and informal. 

    It's such a devastating issue that most universities , polytechnics and colleges of education graduates and students refer themselves as "Educated" whereas they are not. Education isn't acquired through school alone. Education can Also be acquired In  home, church, societies, Association or clubs etc which are referred to as informal education. The school is just a medium to become literate; education goes beyond school. It is a lifetime encounter and continuous experience.

    Gone are those days when Education is described as the ability to read and write, at this computer age, if as a graduate or a student and you can't impart or contribute what you have learnt or the  education you have acquired to the society and the nation at large you are not yet educated. 


    This category are those who parade themselves as educated with their diploma or degree certificate but the said certificate doesn't reflect in their lifestyles, these categories are students or graduates that cant operate a computer system, or handle simple electronic gadgets such as android devices, mobile phones etc. A student or graduate should be able to know how to handle simple gadgets such as phones, computers, blenders, machines  etc irrespective of their field of study. Some people who  refer themselves as "Educated" individuals can't even Boot a system not   to talk of creating an account. A student that can't handle a CBT or do online research by his/herself is part of the pitfalls in Nigeria education. This implies you haven't acquired any education so far. So if you fall into this category, you had better develop yourself. 


    Another way to identify an educated person is through their mentality i.e their mode of thinking or reasoning. 

    An educated person should be able to think positively, relate with people irrespective of their religion or tribes, share facts, ideas and interact with people in a manner that they will understand. An educated person will never see other people's religion as bad and will always respect culture and traditions. 

    If as a student or graduate you can't take a decision on your own, or do  the right thing at the right time it shows you are not educated. That mentality of yours that make you believe miracle is better than hardwork; or that makes you think doing 'runs' is better than reading and working  hard. Once you notice these sign, it means you are not educated and the education you acquired or you are acquiring doesn't reflects your lifestyles. You are the pitfall in Nigeria education.

    A person who is Educated will understand the fact that there's no shortcut to success. Ask yourself; Do I have a poor thinking habit? if yes then you have to improve on your way of thinking. An educated person will think before taking an action. Do your best and leave the rest for God. 


    There is no beauty without brain, as a student or graduate, if all you care about is how you look and nothing more, you are not different from a "stagnant water" or an "empty barrel" because a beauty without a brain is nothing but just an "empty skull". An empty skull have nothing to contribute to the society and another way to identify an educated person is through their role and contribution to the society. Ask yourself, is there any brain behind my beauty? if the answer is "NO" then you are not fully educated. Change and improve yourself. 


    The situation of Nigeria these days has grown beyond depending on your degree certificate, as a student, graduate, educated individual, you don't need to depend on your "CV" only for a living, rather look for other ways to create employment for yourself either through Entrepreneurship or vocational skills. Do you still roam the street begging for money? Are you still waiting for a white collar job for you to be successful? if "YES" is your response to this question, sorry you are not different from someone who hasn't pass through school. Education isn't an automatic key to success rather it gives you opportunity to success.  Literates  never give up, they always strive hard to survive, create employment themselves and will always be self dependent. There are thousands of graduates every year and the labour market can't accept everyone So  you don't have to wait for the government to employ you when you can actually be an employer. This is one of the reasons why you have to wake up. Despite the fact that Are Afe Babalola is a lawyer, he still owns a farm(ABUAD farm) this is a case study for you to know that your diploma or university degree isn't an automatic qualification to be successful. Be educated.


    Another way to identify illiterate students and uneducated graduates are through their attitude and character. An educated person will never involve himself in any form of crime, drug abuse, robbery, Abortion, fraud, profiteering, arguments, etc and will always say sorry even when not at faults. Has anyone or more than two or three ever complained about your attitude or character? If yes then you need to work on it. As a student or a graduate, people assume you should be different  but if you still indulge in all these habits listed above, such as drug abuse, robbery, cultism etc it's a sign that you lack morals and education is also about morals. So if you lack morals it's a vivid sign that you are just an illiterate in a student 'clothing' which implies you ain't educated. 

    Ask yourself am I educated? 


    Sex is meant for married people only and if you are not married yet there is nothing wrong In having sex but make sure you have it protected. 

    As a student or graduate, you should know that unprotected sex is the major cause of unwanted pregnancy, abortion, early marriage, over population, , Incurable diseases amongst others. Therefore to be on the safer side it is advisable to always put on protection. According to Islamic Education it is a sin  to have sex  before marriage, biblically it's a big sin to have sex out of wedlock. Ethics and culture teaches us to control our sexual urge until marriage. 

    However, if you can't control your body then go and be joined solemnly. If you still have unprotected sex as a student or a graduate, you are not educated hence still an illiterate. If you fall to this category you need to change your lifestyle. 


    A student or graduate should be able to speak English correctly, fluently without errors. As a student or graduate your grammatical structures, sentences should be error free. most graduates especially NYSC Corp members communicate with pidgin English, Native language and this is a slap on them whereas we can't blame the Nigerian Government or school management for this because, the ability to speak correct English is what every student can practice on their own. 

    English language is a compulsory course and subject in all schools and for you to be a graduate that means you must have acquired a basic knowledge on the "Use of English" in your school. But does it reflect in your  lifestyle as a student, graduate, or as an educated person? A student or graduate with a degree that can't construct a simple sentence on his or her own or write an application letter without consulting google, needs to 'reschool'.

     If you can find yourself in any of these category of "ILLITERATE STUDENTS AND UNEDUCATED GRADUATES"  you are one of the PITFALLS IN NIGERIA EDUCATION hence  not yet educated and fit to be called a student!?; because a student must be able to learn. 

    Ask yourself what have I been able to  learn so far?. An educated person should be able to construct a good sentence free of errors and blunders. if you fall within this category, you need to work on it quickly before its get too late. Nobody is perfect not a must you be like Wole Soyinka as practice makes perfection.


    An Educated person will never copy and paste whatsoever they see. if you always copy assignments, logbooks, project, proposals or plagiarise other peoples work to your own taste, this shows you are not educated. An Educated person should be able to gather facts and share ideas of his own and not by plagiarising other peoples work to his or her own taste. Do you still copy and paste whatever you see on social media? This is an act of illiteracy, don't just copy and paste whatever you come across online. An educate person will always share facts and not rumours. Avoid the habit of forwarding any messages or copying and pasting of any posts or people's work. You don't need to copy other people's work, let people copy your own work.  Remember being educated isn't by mouth, it can be easily identified through your lifestyles and "COPY AND PASTE" is one of the ways to identify the uneducated ones. Plagiarising is a major pitfalls in Nigeria Education.

    Together we make a better Nigeria 


    An educated person will never take his or her spiritual life with levity hands, education isn't acquired through school alone. Education can be acquired either formally or informally therefore if as a student, graduate and your spiritual life doesn't mean anything to you. it's a sign that you are not yet educated. you need to understand the fact that your spiritual life builds up your physical life. An educated person will always be cautious on their spiritual life.


    Social media can be used to acquire knowledge 


    This category still falls under the ones I have listed above, as a student or graduate, people assume you are educated but does your lifestyle truly justify the assumptions? if you still smoke, drink excessive alcohol, commit crimes, Homicide and suicide, indecent dressing, driving without a licence, fraud, believe in miracle without hard work, etc, you are still an illiterate.

    In conclusion, let the change begin with me, also let the change begin with you together we can drive Nigeria educational system to the next level through our lifestyles. 

    Stop behaving like an illiterate and an unlearned person. Don't just pass through school also allow school to pass through you.

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