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  • What are the secrets of healthy relationships, there are too many of them but we just want to look into major and common ones so that you can know if any of these will work for you And These points are not really the code to successful relationships but it is a charisma that a woman should have

     At this  21st century where many things are longer valued. Many Traditions are not longer effective. There are basically things that must be embedded in you. 

    As for women: here are what you must note.

     1. Beauty :  Your beauty is one of the secret that make you to be  attractive to men therefore you must always make it your priority. Don't think nobody sees you. There are many eyes on you. Buy clothes that brings out the beauty In you. Although you can't satisfy a man with everything but  beauty is one of the simplest code to woo and keep  a man that is interested in you.  If he sees the beauty in you there are higher chances he wouldn't want to look elsewhere. 

    it is essential for every woman to maintain their beauty. Every girl outhere are beautiful it depends on how you take care of yourself. Fix your hair on time, maintain the colour of your skin and eat healthy foods that would show your beauty. Every man wants a beautiful woman. In any aspect of your life always maintain your beauty either you are into relationship or not. Your beauty is the first code to secure a man in a relationship. Your work and  religion shouldn't not be a reason for you not to care of yourself.  Your beauty is your power to secure your man and Even at your old age Always try to maintain your beauty

     Other beauty a woman must have are inner beauty such as morals, decency,  patience etc. Your physical beauty can earn you a ticket to marriage while your inner beauty can send you back to your father's house and vice vest. Both Inner and outer beauty is necessary for every woman. It is one of the feature you must have. If you always think "Nobody is looking at me" then you are wrong alot of people are watching you so protect your beauty Because that is the most powerful code to woo and a keep a man that is interested in you.

     2. Good Cook: A woman must be able to cook delicious food. This is another code to keep a man That is interested in you.  If you don't know how to cook then you have to learn because if you don't have this code I must confess you might loose your man. If you have this code family and friends of your husband will like you for the fact that you are beautiful and still a good cook. Therefore your physical beauty and inner beauty isn't enough to keep your man and your relationship healthy. You must be able to cook delicious food. No man will want to tell you this secret but you must know it today. You can control him with your delicious food. If you are a bad cook go And learn  "How to"

    3. CARING: Some women don't know how to take care of a man. Caring is a code every woman must have to keep their relationship intact. If He told you he is sick, check on him and buy drugs and other essential medications only if you have the capacity. Provide support for him if necessary. Assist him during his trying times. Sometimes you can just burst his brain by paying the bills. Call and message at your leisure times. If he feels sad ask him what's wrong and show him support. I have always received messages from young ladies asking me how they can contribute to a relationship and how to prove love to a man and caring is just the code. A woman with caring heart is a woman who owns everything.

    4. GOOD SEXUAL LIFE: A Good and healthy sexual life is another  code to keep your husband.  If he ask for sex in the morning give it to him, if he ask in the afternoon give him and if he ask at night give it to him in a manner that he will be satisfied. Don't starve your husband of sex, else you may push him to do trash with young ladies that may ruin your marriage. Although no matter how you fuck a man with different styles in bed It doesn't stop him from cheating and that is why you have to Build loyalty in your marriage as I explained in my previous write up if you have a loyal partner then satisfy your man in bed It is your duty As a woman that values her Marriage.

     Good and active sexual life is a code to healthy marriage. In this category I used "husband" and not "Boyfriend" and in the case of a relationship, I have once explained the different types of relationship.  Before giving out sex to a Boyfriend  in any relationship be sure the relationship worth it. Marriage is different from relationship. If you have a boyfriend that is loyal to you and you are confident of his love you can Give him satisfactory sex.   Giving him sex is another code for him not to look elsewhere that is just the fact but not all facts are true. For the fact that it worked for me doesn't mean it's gonna work for you but generally if I wont deceive you good sex is a code to keep your husband but in the case of a boyfriend it is based on your own choice. 

    My point here is that, a woman must be able to satisfy her husband sexually. This code can prevent him from cheating and Can make him love you more. 

    In nutshell all these Points which are beauty, good cook, caring and active sexual life Are reality of life. If you lack any of these features please find a means to adapt. You wonder why many marriage didn't last despite the wife beauty this might be because the wife lack morals and even some relationships couldn't last due to lack of morals, don't expose your man to the outer world because of your bad cook you can always learn how to cook, every woman must have a caring heart and should be able to satisfy their man Sexually. 

    Best of luck👍👍


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