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  • #EndSARSNow: Why SARS Should Be Scrapped

  • SARS is one of the Nigeria Police Force units that is saddled with the responsibility of fighting crime in the society; specifically, robbery. The  Menace of the special anti robbery squad is becoming unbearable and alarming in the country with their brutalisation, harassment, extortion, illegal arrest, unlawful raiding and detention among others. 

    Nigerians are complaining for their brutalisation, students can no longer walk free for the fear of SARS men. 

    The federal government says SARS has been reformed but it saddens that the bill isn't effective as their harassment increases by percentage on daily basis.

    On Thursday 20th February 2020, two Hausa traders lost their lives in Abeokuta, OGUN state while the SARS operatives were chasing yahoo boys. 

    When do SARS turn EFCC? 

    The duty of SARS is to fight against Robbery and not finance. Nigeria government better act fast. 

    SARS should be totally reformed if possible not scrapped. 

    According to the Nigeria Constitution, citizens have freedom of movement and right to life but it seems all these laws is only for the rich people and those in power while the masses are suffering, SARS operatives do raid from 10pm without listening to excuses, they will tagged their victim a criminal and threaten to send them to prison if they don't cooperate. 

    They force innocent civilians into their Van and mandate them to compulsorily transfer money to their accounts otherwise the victims will be locked up in their cell for days.

    The SARS operatives intrude on civilians privacy by check-in through their mobile phones and call logs which is wrong. 

    The federal government should look into these menace before it gets out of hand. 

    SARS are tarnishing the country image with their incompetency. Is it a crime to put on nice dress? 

    Is it a crime to make dreads? 

    Why is the police force unit arresting innocent people. I learnt police should be the citizens friend but they are typical enemy.

    SARS brutalisation records increases everyday. It saddens that the force that ought to be protecting the lives and properties of civilians are the one compromising it thereby making the country unsafe and putting the citizens lives at risk. 

    The SARS operatives have no manners for elders they brutalise anobody that dare challenge them, some of them will even threaten to kill and still boasts that nothing will happen.  

    It is no longer a news that the SARS operatives Commit crimes and other atrocities; smoke weeds, drink to stupor  using their uniform to cover their tracks. 

    Another thing about this SARS is their contribution to the society is majorly to influx crime, why chasing yahoo boys instead of chasing armed robbers? 

    I think SARS are encouraging cyber crime as they search any youth they see on the street phones and query them why they are not into yahoo. This same SARS killed Remo stars Assistant captain on Saturday 22nd February, 2020. Enough is enough.

    I must commend the Force unit, SARS on their contribution in fighting crimes such as robbery, cybercrime, violence among others but the truth must be told as the fact still remains that Nigerians are being brutalised, killed and extorted by the police force unit SARS hence there is a need for SARS to be scrapped or better still their men should undergo psychiatric test.

    The hash tag #EndSars is currently trending on twitter where Nigerians are pouring out their mind and sharing their encounter with the police force unit and below are their comments.

    Words fail me 💔

    The circumstances behind this death is one i still can't fathom ,The Nation failed you Kaka 💔 , those officers will know no Peace.

    You signalled me for these shots few weeks back when Remo came to play First Bank in Agege 💔

    Rest in Peace Kazeem 🕯#EndSARS pic.twitter.com/XDRkm0AYtx
    — Adegbile Micheal 🦁🇳🇬 (@official_micolo) February 23, 2020

    I used to be an advocate of "staying in Nigeria" to build Nigeria.

    Thunder has fired that advocacy.

    Please find every legal means to leave this country to q country where their leaders are not as useless&clueless like those we have here.

    We are still trending #EndSARS in 2020
    — Tosin Olugbenga (@TosinOlugbenga) February 23, 2020

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