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    Today poly TV have come to bring a topic to revive your failed relationship and how to sustain a relationship by explaining what loyalty means.

    Love is a feeling while loyalty is an action when you add loyalty to love then there is assurance that such love will be fruitful and become a genuine one. Loyalty in other words means fidelity, truthfulness, trustworthy etc.

    In anything you want to do in life either business, relationship, love, marriage, religion etc you have to be loyal to achieve success. 

    And in your Business,  Before you do any business you must have love such business and that is why you want to do it but love is not enough to keep a business running. You need loyalty, that is, run your business with truth, faithfulness and transparency and by doing this you can gain peoples loyalty too and you will start to gain customers and despite your price is low or higher than that of your competitors they will still come for your products. Loyalty pays alot

     As Employee of a business: If you are an employee of a business you have to be loyal to your boss. When you are loyal to someone you won't want to hurt that person maybe by stealing their money. You will work as if the job is yours. Loyalty means to be faithful and transparent as I've explained earlier. You need to be loyal to your employee not because of anything but because you don't know what tomorrow May  bring. I've heard people saying they love their boss because s/he is generous or caring but are you loyal to your boss? Love is just an affection but loyalty is an action. If you are loyal to your boss you won't steal his money. Loyalty is discipline love is a feeling.

    Politics: Some people will do APC and PDP because they love both parties but confusion on whom to vote for comes in during election and at this point their votes can be easily bought with a token  but when you are loyal to someone no amount of money can change your mind. Thus, Love without loyalty is nothing.

    Religion: A religion without loyalty is incomplete. Are you faithful with your religion? Do you have trust in the God you worship? If yes then why are you still checking on the gods on how you can be rich? Why can't you just be loyal to your God. Do you still remember the Man called Job in the Bible? He lost everything he had but still never deny his God neither did he renounce his loyalty to his God and guess what he got back all he had lost in multiples.

    I love Allah, I love Jesus, I love God everyone love God but the question is are you loyal to Allah? Are you loyal to your own God? Are you loyal to Jesus Christ the one you call your savior? If you are loyal to your God then you worship with faithfulness, truth, transparency and you will keep all his rules. When people tell me they love God I reply "fuck love" be loyal   because love is just ano affection while loyalty is an action.

    You think you can deceive Allah with your fake love which is just by mouth ? Allah wants your loyalty not just  love. Jesus Christ needs your loyalty not only your  love, you can love Jesus and still not believe in him, you can love the gods but still don't believe in them. So if you want to experience all the benefits, Advantages of That  religion You practice  try as much as possible to be loyal, that is, worship with truthfulness, faithfulness and transparency.

    Relationship and marriage

    Many relationship has collapsed including marriages and victims of failed relationship used to say that there is no love while some do blame their partners but I have always argued otherwise right from time that love is not enough to keep a relationship and marriage. This is why you experience sometimes that no matter  how you show them love, no matter how hard you try to show them that you truly love them still what you get in return is betrayal do you know why? Because the relationship lacks loyalty. For that your relationship to be successful you need loyalty and not only love.

    When you are loyal to your fiance, boyfriend or girlfriend you will be faithful to the relationship, you will be satisfied with your partner, you won't even think of cheating talkless of hurting your partner. There is this guy in my school I know her girlfriend well, they have been dating since 2015 so when he dropped comment on my twerk video post I asked him if he needed the babe number and he said "No I have my babe and I remain loyal" that is the meaning of loyalty but if it's another person He may see that as an opportunity or freebie. LOVE is not enough to keep that relationship moving

    Love does not stop cheating, I have been in a  relationship where she loved me for real and I know that yet she still cheat and the reason why she cheated is only best known to her as I boycott the relationship because I can't cope with a partner who can't pledge her loyalty to me. Let me explain to you very well, if your partner love you for real it doesn't mean they can't hurt you, someone can love you and still plan to kill you Infact if you want to catch a man or woman the thing you can use is love but once you gain someone's loyalty there is no how that person can hurt you. Love killed Samson, love killed Adam it is high time you work on loyalty.

    Distance or close relationship won't survive without loyalty: when you are loyal to him or her it shows you trust him no matter what people say or what you see you remain loyal and nothing will change your mind. Distance relationship is not problem, close relationship is not difficult once you are loyal to one another hopefully the relationship will succeed.
    Someone who is loyal to you will stay with you for better and for worse, a loyal person will never betray you. A loyal person wont cheat  on you, a loyal person won't think of using his girlfriend for rituals.

     ...do you know why our our forefathers pledge blood covenant in their marriage, relationship and friendships? This just to gain their loyalty for real and this alone is another prove that love is not a pillar in a relationship but loyalty is. You always ask your partner "Babe do you love me" of course he would say yes because he or she loves you even if the love is fake and also try to ask yourself and your partner "Are you loyal to me " "Am I loyal to him/her" if the answer is no it shows you are a betrayal and you and Judas Iscariot belong to the same category. The category of true love with No loyalty. A love where is loyalty is absent is  Prone to collapse.

    Friendship: Many Students have always complained about being betrayed in friendship relationships Infact most of them always argued that there are no true friends but the only thing that is lost in friendship these days is nothing but loyalty. If you are loyal to your friend you won't backstab or backbite him or her. If a friend told you his/her secret and you disclose that secret to your boyfriend or girlfriend or third party it shows you are not a loyal friend.

    Take for example a group of girls you will see how they talk and gist like they love themselves and it is true they might love one another but not loyal to each other, if you are close to  many girls into friendship on campus you would have observed that there is no loyalty between them and this is why few of them snatch their friend'S boyfriend and talk bad about their friend in their absence. What type of friend are you? Are you loyal to your friend or you only love your friend? Loving A friend is not as sweet as being loyal to the Friend.

    Building loyalty in life: Building loyalty is not a day job it is an habit you must include in your lifestyle. You can't just wake up a day and expect someone to be loyal to you No! you have to be loyal to yourself first then be loyal to others. Build loyalty in your relationship, build loyalty in your marriage, build loyalty in your business, build loyalty in your job,  your business and just as you love them be loyal to them as well.

    Maybe you still don't understand, let me use myself and POLY TV as an example. There are some followers who have loyalty in my information they believe anything I post Even if  the information Is fake they will still believe it to be true and some will even bring another information and asked me to verify it for them and do you know why? It is because they have loyalty(Trust) in my information. This is based on how I build the TV how I post relevant information that is valid and you know how long I have been operating if I had been posting wrong information all the time I am sure no one will even Bother following the 

     I have gained few people trust already that they believe anything I post. Some will even be like "I lIke  poly TV" Well I am not surprised because I believe If people have loyalty in you they might love you as well and what an trying to say is that if you don't want people to doubt you try to be loyal to them. try as much as possible to be loyal to people especially your loved ones particularly your partner whom hopefully you want to spend the rest of your life  With

     When you have loyalty in your partner you won't doubt him/her nor cheat no matter how hard people try to convince you otherwise, no matter how beautiful another woman is, no matter how rich another man is and no matter how hard they try to convince you still  you won't change your mind because you are loyal to your partner and you won't want to betray him/her. Love is sweet  and becomes sweeter when you add loyalty. Build loyalty in your relationship.

    Loyalty means fidelity, Faithfulness, trust, truth honesty etc 

    Who doesn't need a truthful man? Who doesn't want faithful partner? Is there anyone who doesn't want a honest man or woman ? Lol we all need this type of person but instead of looking for one why can't they become one as well? Love is cool but Loyalty is important.

     In conclusion, I want you to ask yourself this question; Am I a loyal person? Am I loyal in this person in this job I am doing? Am I loyal to my friends? Am I loyal to this relationship? Am I loyal to my God? Am I loyal to my creator? I as a leader Am I loyal to my followers? If there is a NO to any of these questions then I think this write up is for you to have a rethink. You can still build that your relationship, you can still revive back that your business, you can still make people confide in you, you can still be a different person but first learn how to be loyal to people so that they can be loyal to you. Building loyalty start with telling truth, honesty, transparency, And devotedne

    I have to conclude this write up by stating that "LOVE WITHOUT LOYALTY IS NOTHING" therefore from today onward build loyalty in your lifestyle and be loyal to your family friends and loved ones and I pray the almighty Allah/God help us. Amen 

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