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  • How To start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria

    According to economics there are three factors to notice in a business which are what to produce, how to produce and for whom to produce. 

    Answering these questions will make your products sell beyond your own expectations and Poly TV have come to bring you inspiring tips on a selling business to do at this period. 

    What are the things to produce now, how do you produce it and for whom should you produce? December is fast approaching and the festive  preparations has begun. 

    The major things that sell at this period are wears like shoes, bags, dresses, toys, farm products, fire works etc can be classified under what to produce and now moving to how to produce it is in different categories; you can buy in wholesales and sell to retailers and the major among all is whom to produce. You can't just begin a business without knowing for  whom to produce. 

    As a student it is obvious that toys, fire works etc can't sell in a community of higher learning, like selling toys and knockout in your school hostel the category of people there are matured hence selling toys and fireworks won't be profitable. 

    So what business is really profitable in a student community at this period. The business that obeys the three laws; What to produce, what to produce and for whom to produce, the correct answer is "Mini importation."  

    It is crystal clear that the demand for new dresses will be high at this period as people always like to look new at the festive period and also they change the look of their rooms like fridge, rugs, carpets, paint their houses  etc while others takes  their family and friends for shopping.

    When spending money to purchase your desired items,  you must have to sit down and think on how to get back what you loose and the solution to this is mini importation business which does not even affect your studies, you don't need a shop to start, you don't need a car to start, you don't need connection to start mini importation business, what you need is adequate training. 

    For example, You can import a fridge at 20k and sell at the rate of 40k Then recycle your profit to import another goods to earn more. So How do I start this business? What are the challenges? How much I do I need to start? How do I avoid scammers? What should I do? All these are what I will teach you In my intensive classes which will start on Sunday 8/11/2020  at the rate of #1,000. 

    There is no point of joining this class if you are not ready to pay because you paid more than 40k as school fees and yet there are no much benefits earned from it as there are scarcity of jobs and I believe creating employment for yourself with a skill that cost you #1,000 should not be difficult for you to pay. In this intensive class you'll access the following

    * Import from China 

    *Website to import products from at cheap price 

    * How to avoid scammers 

    * How to avoid manufacturer with low quality 

    * Direct contacts of different tested and trusted agents and shipping company

    * Contacts of manufacturer store online 

    * How to carry out transaction in Naira 

    * I'll mentor you and guide you on your first import 

    * And lots more
    1000 NAIRA Click the link below👇🏻👇🏻to join

    Training starts 8th of this month

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