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  • Is Polytechnic Truly A Waste Of Time and Certificate Prone To Unemployment?
    Polytechnic students 

    I wonder why student who is in polytechnic no longer graduate at the exact time with their University counterparts. I have been so worried because this problem has come to me, after going through many stress in NATIONAL DIPLOMA (ND) and one year industrial training, you are requested to write another aptitude test that will qualify you for HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA (HND), Which means that if you plan to spend five years in school you will authomatically spend more years expected to graduate, not even that some school have turned out to make money out of students, where a student will purchase HND form at the rate of #15,000 and the aptitude test form will be #1,000 not knowing if the admission will be certain or not. 

    Some students will use extra two years at home after their ND programme because of their PASS result while some can spend more than three years  after ND before gaining admission into HND due to financial challenges among others and  still admission isn't guaranteed. 

    Another Reason why polytechnic is a waste of time is ACCEPTANCE FEES. Polytechnic students pay acceptance fees twice in which I see as a means of making money by the tertiary institutions. I read about a headline news bill stating that acceptance fee should be scrapped. I think the best for government to do is to pass the bill into law. The payment of acceptance fee twice(ND + HND) by polytechnic students is not comfortable as most of the students in polytechnics  are from poor backgrounds. 

    After  ND programme I think HND admission should be automatic irrespective of grades but reverse is the case, ND graduates with pass result are not eligible to apply for HND until after two(2) years. This means instead of spending five(5) years in school you end up spending seven(7) or maybe more in case of extra year students. More reasons why I see polytechnic as a big waste of time.

    HND/BSC DISCRIMINATION: The fact still remains that employers consider Bsc than HND in the labour market. Most employers see polytechnic students as a second class student which isn't supposed to be. Polytechnic students are more of practicals to theory compared to that of their university counterparts. 

    Some Universities school fees ranges between 90k and above where as there are some Nigeria polytechnics that paid over 80k as school fees. So What's the difference between 80k and 90k? 

    I urge the National Board For Technical Education to look into the act of an establishment of polytechnics.

    I am using this opportunity to beg the Government to do something about this problem because  the  poor ones are not benefiting from it.

     Students are beginning to get fedeup with polytechnic and its certificate.

    This article has caused alot of mixed reactions from polytechnic students in Nigeria as many agreed to the fact that polytechnic Education is a big waste of time while few argued otherwise.

    See screenshots below: 

    NOTE: This Article is not to discourage you about polytechnic Education but to shed light on the fallen standard  of the system.

    Drop your comments 

    Why do students hate polytechnic?
     Do you think polytechnic is a waste of time? 
    How many years do you spend before getting your HND certificate?.


    1. Pls can I do a DE to any University of my choice after ND program without wasting any year at home nor doing IT

    2. I really tried of attending polytechnic school.it waste time,
      Money,resources, I don't think am going to service again.

    3. Now what is the way out.. should will stop polytechnic to university bcos I don't understand

    4. You have spoken well bro��
      And what surprised me most is that, they rate their standard to that of universities. Universities will be demands for 1st choice of an institutions poly too will...
      Universities will be demands for 200 and above for post utme cut off Mark poly too will....
      The struggle and the stress to gained an admission....
      Bro nice write off dere!