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  • ARTICLE: Pregnancy Doesn't Guarantee Marriage And True Love

    Love is beautiful and can be  the amazing feelings one can ever experience on this earth planet, still there are some facts to know about love. This write up is meant for young ladies that are just nurturing their relationship to open their eyes on love and pregnancy.  Eyes have seen a lot in this life and it is important for us to learn from people's mistake or better still learn from our past or from people in our environment .

    Pregnancy is a product of love not evidence of love: The young ladies at this stage must understand that getting pregnant for a man can't make him love you, also pregnancy doesn't guarantee marriage. I have heard of may girls testing their boyfriends with pregnancy to know if he truly loves Infact few of nowadays girls now fake pregnancy to test their boyfriend to know if he truly loves . I just want you to know today that testing a man with pregnancy doesn't guarantee that he love you even if he passed the test. I feel bad seeing many young ladies on campus getting pregnant out of wedlock and single mothers outhere. I think it's time for you to wake up.

    You must know today that having a kid with a man doesn't mean he will marry you. Don't spoil your tomorrow because of today with pregnancy.Love is not stupid.


    You have a boyfriend who is a student like you, someone that can't afford his own school fees and you still think testing him with pregnancy is the way to be sure of his love for you?  What do you expect him to say if you tell him to you are pregnant ?  I think he would ask you to abort and to you, you will think he didn't love you but tell
    Me What do you expect him to say if you tell him that you are pregnant ?  I think he would ask you to abort and to you, you will think he didn't love you but how do you expect him to cope with studies and your responsibilities.

     And if you are pregnant for him for real I hope you know the consequences of abortion is either Bareness  or  death. If you die he will marry another woman better than you also if you are unable conceive due to the effect of abortion, he will pick another woman so I think it is time you drop the mentality using pregnancy to woo a man or test if he truly love you. Pregnancy can't keep a man don't be blinded by love.

    Even if you are dating a man who has money and takes care of all your needs don't ever make the mistake of getting pregnant to tie him down. Pregnancy doesn't guarantee marriage. This is why you see many single mothers these days. Getting pregnant for a man doesn't mean he would marry you also it doesn't mean he will love you more. If you get pregnant for him they doesn't mean he will marry you.

    Ladies pls Stop getting pregnant for men with the hope of securing them. You will be the one to loose at last Be patient marriage is not by rushing or pregnancy.

    During my final year days in school, two ND1 Students came to me for advice and financial help, he impregnated this lady during his first year and me as a parrot I have to post the information so he pleaded to me not to post it that I should cover him which I did, I asked if he love this girl this guy told me he didn't love her that the pregnancy was by mistake, I spoke with the innocent girl on phone she said she visited  hospital for abortion but it didn't work and the doctor advice them not to abort, it was a difficult time for both of them, this lady gave birth in school without the consent of her parents but when the responsibility is above her their families were contacted by friends of the lady. Long story short, this girl has given birth now and the child has been handed over to the guy's family and the shocking thing here is that both of them are no longer together while this same guy is knacking other ladies on campus and they graduated last year. The lady reported him to me  many times that he caught him sleeping with another lady despite the fact she's carrying his child and funniest thing is that this guy don't even Have a single room as he squat with friends.

    If pregnancy keeps relationship I think these students will still be together till date. The lady was carried away by love she gave birth out of wedlock.    Love can make you crazy but always apply sense In love And in that your relationship.   Don't ever get pregnant for a man with the purpose of marrying him or because you love him and you don't want to loose him, I am saying this so that you won't loose two sides. You might loose your chance of pursuing your career and at the same time loose the man you didn't want to loose.  Dear ladies pls don't make the mistake of having pregnant to secure a man. What is meant for you won't bypass you.


    Choosing the wrongs as a role model can lead you in bad path.Your course mate got pregnant for his boyfriend and luckily for them they got married and you think you can try that as well because it works for your friend. May I remind you that what works for A doesn't work for B. Don't compare yourself with another person.  my elder brother was not up-to my age when he impregnated his the then girlfriend, he gave birth to his first born during his SSCE, as if that is enough he impregnated another girl again about 7 years ago and three years later he impregnated another woman making three kids from three women. I don't have problem with him but the innocent girls who knows his flaws and still getting pregnant for him So as not to Loose him because of money and big dick.It so sad that the money and big dick that made them get pregnant for him couldn't save the relationship From collapse. Do you think I would choose that type of brother as a role model? No I will never choose wrong as a role model even if the relationship with the women went well I won't follow such footsteps.

    If your sister was impregnated by her boyfriend and luckily she got married later and you think the next thing for you to do is copy her, I must tell you that this can be one of the biggest mistake you will ever make because it may not work as you think besides why choosing wrong as a role model when you can be a good example for your junior ones? Be reminded that your junior brothers and sisters are following your footsteps what type of foundation are you laying? Stop making yourself cheap for a man. Getting pregnant for a man to tie him down  So as not to loose  him In the relationship  is a mistake you must not Make.


    You see those girls on campus carrying babies 70% of them are out of wedlock but  few of them used to have luck as they might luckily get married after their childbirth but to me I think it is good to take a step at time. Why rushing to take your dinner as breakfast?  Love is not blind, love is not stupid why are you eager to carry a baby for a man whom you can't proudly call your husband? It is  a Wrong  decision to have a child with a man who doesn't know your family talkless of paying your dowry. Be patient. Your career first followed by any other thing.

    Some couples Don't love eachother they are just living together because of the children. This is not right and old generation thing. Don't hook yourself with a man because of The  baby Between you two. What is the gain of a relationship or marriage without happiness? You have your own life and your baby has its own. Pregnancy can't keep a man.  I could remember I have a girlfriend who cheated on me because I said I am not ready to be a father, she always frown  at me whenever I use CD She said I didn't love her  so she cheated on me with another man whom I think promises her marriage She is married now out of wedlock. I wish she could be patient but she decided her own fate.

     What type of fate are you deciding?  Hope it's not like that of my ex? Do you want to build a family whereby a man will knack you and you think because you don't want him to leave then you get pregnant for him and you guys started living as husband and wife. That's quack marriage.  Marriage is not a must it is not compulsory. Everyone can't be lucky of marriage. Stop making yourself cheap to a man because you don't want to loose him. Love is not blind. Stop blaming love.
    I don't know why girls are just so blind with love, because the guy introduce her to his mom she thinks he truly love her. Now imagining if I didn't clear her and she gets pregnant for me will love take care of the bills? For the fact that a guy is telling you that you are the mother of his unborn children should not be a reason for you to get pregnant out of wedlock. You always see your friend that got pregnant for boyfriend haven't you seen your mates that are getting HND, PGD, MSC, PhD? Don't allow love to ruin your chance of having a good career.


    Since pregnancy is an evidence of having sex, Religious leaders condemn sex before marriage and also tradition forbids it but we are now in a civilised generation. Sex before marriage is your own choice. Your choice is different from mine. Polytechnic is a community of people from different bargrounds so I'm not preaching religion to you but my point here is that sex in a relationship is choice if you think the relationship worth  giving  sex then give him but don't make a mistake of getting pregnant for a man to keep him in the relationship or for him to marry you. 

    Some men will even ask you to get pregnant for them before  they can marry you. Pregnancy is for marriage, you have to tie the knot first before you get that pregnant And if he is doubting your ability to conceive go for medical report at least that is better. As sex doesn't keep Relationship  same as pregnancy.  If you get pregnant for him because you don't want to loose him you might end up loosing him and loosing your chance of meeting your future man.


    Many people always see  having a child out of wedlock as mistake, anyone can make the mistake  And if you have made the mistake of having a kid with the wrong man, stop forcing yourself on him to marry you. Just focus on your life and how you can take your life to the next level. Don't allow that mistake to define your life. Being a Single mother Is not a shame, everyone can make that mistake. I have a family sister that made that mistake and when she received her senses she moved out of the irresponsible man's house she further her education and finally got married To her dream man  in 2013. I also have another one that made the same mistake and she is still suffering it till today. It is either you allow the mistake to reshape your life or you fix the mistake, it's your choice. 

    I  don't know If you are already pregnant for a boyfriend maybe he accept or reject you I want you to know that you are not the first to make this mistake or maybe yours is that you got pregnant for a married man because you were carried away with the way he takes care of you just be strong you will surely get through it. Don't attempt abortion because you don't want your education to stop or because of shame, do you still remember the polytechnic student that dropped a suicide note two weeks ago? She did abortion and had an internal bleeding, her boyfriend whom she love denies His responsibility. Pls learn from peoples mistake all these Are caused by love. Love is not blind.

     If you are yet to make this mistake. Try as much as possible not to and if You already made the mistake, Make amends and you will get through it and you will be fine, your education won't stop and your future won't be affected only if you don't allow the mistake to define your life.


    Dating or marrying a single mother isn't a taboo. Most of the single mothers left toxic relationship and marriage to have a happy life and if you fall in love with any of them marrying them Should not be a problem. When you see a single mother please don't mock them or think they have been used, majority of the Single Mothers   are better than the so called girlfriend that  has had Multiple  abortions  For boyfriends to escape the shame of pregnancy. Single mothers are Even  better than slay queens that have damaged their womb With contraceptive pills.

    Don't forget most of these single mothers were betrayed by their boyfriends and some had a failed marriage Because of how they were treated in the marriage. Don't allow anyone to brainwash you that marrying a single mother is wrong. If you lover her for real and you make your findings about what made her a single mother then what is wrong with dating her or marrying her? What matter in love is happiness. Two of my course mates in those days  had a child before gaining admission  to the polytechnic and both of them are now married to another man. Anyone can make a mistake so don't judge them with their mistakes. If you love her and you are happy with her. Do the needful rites

    Don't tie a woman down with pregnancy because you love her and you don't want  to loose her.  You may end up seeing another woman better than her tomorrow Anything can happen Since no one knows tomorrow so don't allow your today to spoil your future. There was a lady I love like that During my ND1 registration she rejected my proposal I even vowed that I will make sure I rape her And  impregnated Her but my friends who are bad boys then usually mock me calling me a fool I later realised that it's stupid for me to impregnate a girl Because I don't want to loose her.  After a semester the feelings die and I can say  I have met another lady that is more better than her Infact I Am happy that I didn't do stupid thing that time, if I had raped her I might be In jail by now and if I had successfully impregnated her to Tie her the truth is we would still not be together by now Due to some circumstances.

     Therefore my brother take love easy don't rush to keep a woman by impregnating her. If pregnancy Truly  keeps marriage or relationship there Won't be breakup And divorce. If you are a serious man that loves just a woman. Build a better future together and take it step by step and Don't rush.


    Another Reason why many young ladies rushes to get pregnant out of wedlock is because they want to eat the fruit of their labour on time. It amaze me why someone who is in her right senses would depend on a unborn child for a better future. Stop depending Or hoping  on an Unborn  child for A better future instead be the reason why your unborn children will have a better future. You that your father gave birth to you at Young age have you buy Benz for your dad now? Stop this mentality that if you give birth early you will reap the fruit of your labour early. It's old fashioned thing and it doesn't work at this generation.  Your parent gave birth to you hoping you will eradicate poverty you shouldn't give birth out of wedlock expecting the child to Eradicate poverty. Give birth at the right time and stop doubling poverty upon poverty.

     There is a folktales that if you give birth to a child that the child will be the source of your income, like maybe if the baby arrive things will start going well for you. This is just a folktale and only an illiterate will believe it. You don't have a good work, you have no education, no skill, nothing nothing just roaming the streets and you believe that giving birth is the solution? No brother the solution Is for you to take your life serious. Stop believing folktales.  Don't rush to impregnate A girl because you don't want to loose her and also don't claim you are professional, anybody can make mistake. If you are not married and you are already having sex. Take caution use condom. Don't kill your career because of one time pleasure. Apply sense in that relationship.

    In conclusion, Pregnancy is a blessing From God  And if God bless you with the fruit of the womb just accept your fate.  The purpose of this write up is to educate you that you can't keep a relationship or tie a man/woman Down with pregnancy.  I will recommend you always take caution.  There is nothing wrong in having a sex in a relationship or with anyone the choice is yours but it is wrong for you not to take protection. Don't mistake fun for love. Apply sense in Love. Apply sense when having fun, apply sense in your relationship. Dear ladies apply sense. May God help us. Amen.  

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