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  • School Resumption: Update on Resumption of Academic Activities in Polytechnics
  • Polytechnic Students

    It is no longer a News that the federal government has directed that all schools  be closed until January 18th 2021 while workers Have been Directed   to work from home for the period of five weeks except for those on essential duties.

    This Directive is to curtail the spread of covid19 second wave.

    Sequel to this development, all federal polytechnic in Nigeria Wii now resume on 18th January and no longer January 4th as earlier scheduled.

    This directives affect all schools in Nigeria except from state owned schools where adjustments can be made by the state Government.

    As there are three categories of polytechnic; federal polytechnic, State polytechnic and private polytechnic. 

    Federal polytechnic is controlled by federal government of Nigeria which means whatever directive passed  by the federal government affects all federal government owned institutions, that is, all federal polytechnic will resume on the 18th of January while Private owned polytechnic will also not resume until January 18th, 2021 as the polytechnic also follow government directives.


     Kano State, Lagos state, ondo state, Adamawa state, kaduna state etc have closed down schools in their state until further notice and this means There won't be resumption until further directives from the state government. 

    However, state polytechnic are  not affected by 18th January directive except if the state government directed otherwise. 

    Akwa Ibom state students will resume January 4th despite covid19 second wave same as kogi state polytechnic Lokoja and other state that schools have not been closed.

    To buttress this point to make it  understandable, if you are schooling in a state polytechnic, you are to follow the circular/memo released by the school management on resumption of academic activities, that is, If there is no any circular stating that you should remain at home then you are expected to resume school January 4th as scheduled.  

    An example is kogi state, the  state government have not close down schools and sequel to this, kogi state polytechnic Lokoja academic activities continues January 4th and same thing applicable to Akwa Ibom state polytechnic.

    Meanwhile Lagos state has ordered all private and state owned schools to be closed until further notice which means, Lagos state polytechnic and Lagos city polytechnic will not resume untill further directives from the state government.

    Students schooling in a state polytechnic are to follow directives from the school management and if there is no any directives concerning  change in resumption date from the school authority, that means you are expected to resume on the 4th of January as stated in the last Christmas and new year break  circular  where the school management directed that normal academic activities continue 4th January, thus you are expected to resume January 4th provided there is no any circular From the school management that stated otherwise.

    In conclusion, All federal and private owned polytechnic remain shut till 18th January while state owned institution will follow directives from theur school management. 

    Without Adequate information Nigeria students jump to worst conclusions, share this information to all polytechnic students in Nigeria.

    Wishing you a prosperous new year. 

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