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  • 2021 PROPHECIES: Though there will be terrible storm, but the year 2021 will be beneficial to many Nigerians
  • Bishop Dr Michael Oba Oro 

    The General Overseer of the Good Rock of salvation Spiritual church of Christ Aladura (GRSSCA), Bishop (Dr) Michael Oba Oro has urged Christians  in the country to move closer to God and not to cease praying for the development of the nation as 2021 will be a year of financial break through for them. 

    Bishop (Dr) Michael Oba Oro During the church Cross over service held on Thursday  said that, there will be a terrible storm in the year 2021 in which  some people will be favoured while some might be unlucky. 

    The Cleric predicted that  the year 2021 will be a year of financial breakthrough and year of  beneficiary for  everyone as there will be reduction in high cost of goods and the year will be free of war and protestation.


    While speaking on politics, Prophet (Dr) Micheal Oba Oro stated that politicians will deceive Nigerians in all spheres and areas to achieve their political targets and goals adding that a special prayer should be organized for the president Muhammadu Buhari for him to finish the year 2021 and  complete his second term  in sound health.

    Bishop (Dr) Michael Oba Oro  charges Nigerians to Pray against fire outbreak and accident and also embrace the spirit of prayer in the new year adding that  prayer is the only key to overcome any challenges  quoting Psalm 91 verse 3 "Surely he will deliver You from the Smare of Fowler and from noisome."

    Below are the highlights from Bishop Dr Michael Oba Oro Prophecy for 2021

    They are as below;

    1. I see a terrible storm blowing mysteriously. This storm is no respecter of anybody. For it won't distinguish between the rich or the poor. Basically, the way the Lord revealed it to me, I see that the storm will sweep dirt from in and out of various houses. In fact, the Lord revealed it to me that the storm will favour some people and won't favour some.

    2. Year 2021 is a funny year for it will be contrary to people's expectations.

    3. No war or protestation is embedded in year 2021

    4. People will be financially buoyant in 2021. It is a year one will have money for merriments. But, it is advisable to save against 2022 and 2023.

    5. Politicians will deceive Nigerians in all spheres and areas of life by implementing the right things expected from them. However, this will be a form of decoy towards achieving their political targets and goals.

    6. High cost of goods will begin to reduce in 2021.

    7. Pended requests of various individuals will be signed in 2021.

    8. Year 2021 is a year of beneficiary for everyone.

    9. There is no tribulation in 2021.

    10. Year 2020 will end next year March. And, year 2021 will then begin same month i.e March. Thus, by March 2021, things will begin to change positively in all ramifications most especially from the government.

    11. Year 2021 is the year of those who move with God.

    12. Certain youths involving in fraudulent acts will be a victim of death in year 2021. And virtually, most deaths will be caused by accident. For, accident is a weapon to be used by the evil ones for the attainment of the youths' blood in the year 2021. It is revealed to me that the evil ones are desperately in need of blood in 2021. And to perfect their actions, they manipulated the government to place a ban on crossover night for the first time if I am not mistaken. At such, this is the confirmation of my 2020 prophecies. I stated in one of the prophecies that this year 2020, is a year of dominance by the evil ones.

    13. There will be numerous incidents of  fire outbreak in year 2021. Also, many buildings owned by big and notable companies will collapse suddenly and unexpectedly.

    14. In 2020, I stated in my prophecies that salary will not flow as expected. Thus, in contrary to this, there will be free flow of workers salary in the year 2021. More so, the pensioners will smile at their banks for their salaries will be paid as well.

    15. Year 2021 is a year of beneficiary for the young prophets. Most of them will become famous and population of their church members will increase in drastically as well. However, some who involve in fetishistic acts will die.

    16. Year 2021 is a year the plans of the evil ones will be revealed and begin to manifest as they (their plans) have been designed by them.

    17. The Lord revealed it to me that a sudden downfall awaits some great men of God.

    18. Prayer should be organized for the great men of God we see as our mentors and leaders. The prayer should revolve around the grace to finish year 2021.

    19. Year 2021 is a year some politicians will face the wrath of God. This is in reference to the storm I saw blowing mysteriously from houses to houses. In fact, this mysterious storm will bring calamitous occurrences for some politicians. Misunderstanding, shocking occurrences and death among others will be foreseen amidst the politicians.

    20. Year 2021 is an emergency of some young political parties. Funnily, these political parties will be fully supported by Nigerians. More so, even though these young political parties in question will be underestimated by the strong holding political parties, they will overthrown the two notable parties. In addition, there will be division and misunderstanding among the political leaders

    21. I see a sudden collapse of a bridge that will lead to a devastating chaos and a lot of bloodshed.

    22. A special prayer should be organized for the high class rulers. Particularly the kings with the highest prestige in their domain. This prayer should centre around long life.

    23. A special prayer should be organized for the president. This prayer should centres around the grace for him to finish the year 2021.

    24. A sudden and terrible judgement awaits the Political Leaders.

    25. Youths will die more than the elders in the year 2021.


    1. Ekiti State citizens and other well wishers should pray for the above mentioned state wife's governor. Specifically, over her health.

    2. Ekiti State indigenes  should pray for the Ewi of Ado-Ekiti. The prayer should centre on his health.


    1. Move closer to God.

    2. Never relent in your good deeds.

    3. Embrace prayer. Pray without ceasing in the year 2021, so as to overcome all ups and downs designed by the evil ones.

    4. Use what you acquire financially wisely and endeavor to save in 2021 against 2022  and 2023.

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