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  • Inspiring Tips to become a better person In the year 2021

    The most anticipating New year(2021) is here. After dining and the merriment, it is time  to think on how to make the year a memorable one.

    No man is perfect, We've all done some things in the past that may not be forgiven for, but grace still speak for for us in all ways. Witnessing 2021 isn't by your power neither is it because of your holiness, many are holy and religious than you but are no where to be found today. Are you planning on wrighting all your wrongs in the year 2021 Or are you suffering from depression and hoping to become a better person in the year 2021. Here are the 12 Inspiring tips to become a better person in the year 2021

    1. PROCRASTINATION: Procrastination is a habit you must do away with in 2021 if you want to become a better person, then be ready to change. Procrastination is an act of postponing things, a student who procrastinate can't succeed, you don't postpone what is needed to be done at the right time else you are wasting your time, meanwhile time waits for nobody. Procrastination comes in form of laziness, ignorance, carelessness. Remember no food for lazy man. If you want to become a better person this year  then do away with any act of procrastination.
    Take whatever you do more serious. Don't procrastinate any opportunity you have in 2021 the way you did in 2020. For example you need to be learn a skill but you keep postponing and postponing. Time waits for no one.  Do away with procrastination.


    How do you want 2021 to be? It is time to start planing, although only God knows tomorrow but an adage says "He who fails to plan is planning to fail" by the way a man is the architect of his own fortune. Make a list of all you want to achieve this year then take a step in accomplishing them also be prepared for any challenges that may come your way. Don't be discouraged with any challenges even the most honest man job in the Bible still face challenges. Job was able to overcome his challenges with his commitment so stay committed to whatever you are doing.
    While planning, remember to take a step, if you are planing to be one of the best student in your school, you should take steps by attending lectures regularly, engage in practicals, do all assignments, visit the library, make research work and practice tutorial questions. If you are planning to buy a car this year then you should start your savings by now. If you want your business to grow rapidly this year you must be able to think big and start small, buy peoples idea and strengthen your relationship with your customers, also marketing is very essential for every business.  All these may seems not to be ready, this is why I ask you to be PREPARED


    Drawing closer to God in the year 2021 should be one of your main agenda, allow him to guide you and direct you in all your endeavors. I want you to understand that every man has a specific purpose to fulfill in this life and for you to know this purpose is by  drawing closer to God; Obeying his commandment, studying and understanding his words in the holy Bible and quran. Doing these will make this year 2021 fruitful for you because God will show you the way and  surprise you beyond your expectations only if you draw closer to him.

    Faithfulness and Trust should be your watchword in the year 2021, Be faithful in whatever you do and make sure you are honest with yourself and the people in your environment.  In your working place be faithful to coworkers, in your school be faithful with your colleagues, in your family be faithful with your parents, be faithful with your partner. Don't make a promise you won't be able to fulfil in the year 2021. To live a happy life you must be a doer of your words. This will make people trust you and respect you. Being faithful and honest  doesn't make you a perfect man, it means you are living a better life.

    Learn how to appreciate people in this  year 2021 for Evey little things  they do for you. Appreciating them shows you value and love what they have done for you. Appreciation helps strengthen your relationship with God, your partner, your parents, your boss, your families and friends among others. Don't allow your ego or self importance to weigh you down from appreciating people. If a  friend can manage to give you a call try as much as possible to appreciate him/her by returning his/her call. Doing these means you are living a better a life than the previous year.

    Sometimes for you to move forward you need to let go of the past. What has happened has happened you can't change the past but you can still change the future. 2021 is a year to move on with your life. Start something new, do the things that makes you happy and live your life to the fullest. You might have gone through heartbreak, depression, failures, emotional trauma in the previous year but this 2021 is time for you to wake up and wright your wrongs. Don't allow people to define your happiness. Forget about the past and start working on how to make your future better. people may have.

    People may have known you to be a failure in your department and this can be a pressing issue for you instead of you  worrying about how you are being mocked Channel the energy to Work on your flaws and weaknesses and try again harder this year. If you still hold on to your past it will be hard for You to Move on with your life and becoming a better person sometimes comes with letting go of the past. Forgive and forget but never forget the lesson learnt.

    7. FAKE LIFE 

    To become a better person in 2021 don't live a fake life and don't compare your life with others. Living a Fake life lock doors to many opportunities because those whom are supposed to help you may assume you have it all not knowing you are a pretender. Don't pretend to be what you are not in the year 2021. Be satisfied with what you have and pray to God to bless your work this year. "You want to marry that girl right? Of course  you will marry her! Or is it car you want to buy this year? Just be patient you will surely buy it!.

    You see this PhD you Are aiming You  will acquire it!. That job you are seeking for you will surely get it but always be yourself. You don't have to pretend what you are not to get what you want. Don't toy with people's emotion with your fake Life. To become a better person you need to start loving yourself for whom you are. Never allow anyone to intimidate you to live a fake life in this year 2021. If you can't afford a Bar soap use detergent, if you can't afford eateries make use of restaurants. Don't do beyond your capability. Fake life always end in tears.


    To become a better person in this year 2021, you need to discover your talent and potentials. If you are yet to discover your talent pray to God to reveal it unto you the gift you possess. Odunlade Adekola, Mr Latin are well known rich people in Nigeria today because they discovered and build themselves up on their talents and potentials they were gifted. Who knows maybe you will be 2021 best Actor/Actress of the year You might even be the best student, best artist, best graphic designer, best motivation speaker of the year but first of all discover your talent and potentials And  Develop it.


    Always bear in mind that health is wealth, without sound health you cant function well in other aspects of your life. Therefore eat healthy foods, engage in more exercise, and go for medical check up from time to time. Taking your health serious should be a priority for you in the year 2021.  Do away with anything that can tamper with your health such as; Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking,  etc.


    A Good name is better than riches. Becoming a better person in  2021 you must protect your reputation by all means as it's very important unless you don't want to lay a good foundation for your own generation. Do away with money laundering, forgery, cyber fraud, robbery, kidnapping, hate speech, terrorism or any criminal activities that can tarnish your image  And  reputation. Collecting money under false  pretence Is risky for your own reputation by the way if we all stay off from these aforementioned that means there is hope for Nigeria to be a better nation.


    Bad friends corrupt good manners therefore beware of those whom you choose as your friend. Don't hesitate to kick Bad friends Out of  your life. Many lives has been ruined by the influence of friends and also many people have become a better person in life with the help of their friends. 

    If those whom you choose as friends are of negative impact to your life then I suggest you kick them out because it will be impossible for you to become a better person in this year while still keeping bad company as friends  Pick your friends as if you are picking beans


    Don't Give up on your dreams neither should you give up on yourself. The man that introduced bulb tried for about 99 time before it light up so never give up keep trying.

      Failure isn't the end of life. You might have had a failed relationship in 2020, You might have disappointed your parents in 2020, you might have failed in so many ways in 2020 but I want to assure you that for you to climb that ladder you must fail, so fail and pick up yourself again this year 2021.

     Never give up nor be discouraged by failure. Always bear in mind that winners Never quit And quitters never win. In this year 2021 put more efforts In what you do and God will crown your efforts.

    Best of luck. 

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