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  • Inspiring Write Up: Who is A Big Girl??

    Average Nigerian young ladies have always rate themselves as  big girls  but who is truly a big girl?    This is the second version of my write up on who a big boy is and today I have come to highlight some important things on who truly a big girl is.

    First Of all I want to clear you that not all girls you see as big are truly big. Using an iPhone, wearing expensive dresses and Making expensive hairs doesn't make you a big girl. In this write up I will 
    Highlight some points. 


    The first category of big girls are independent ladies. They work like a man and they are very creative, they know how to turn #100 to #1,000. They settle their own bills themselves, they don't depend on a man to survive. They have their own source of income  which can either be a, skill or a business where they earn and they spend their money on themselves, they might not use the latest clothes like cheap girls, or wear expensive materials but anytime they dress people always respect them and the unique thing about this category of big girls is that men are afraid to approach them because they knew there is nothing new they can offer them that they don't have unlike cheap girls that needed a man to do ordinary #1,000 data subscription.

     Big girls and cheap girls almost look alike but the real big girls are unique because they always sort things for themselves. So if you are an independent lady, you proudly sort your own bills yourself, you have your own legitimate source of income that you use to pay your own bills, feed yourself and still afford to cloth yourself to look attractive forget you are a not just big girl but a unique big girl.


    A big girl doesn't depend on a relationship for a living. You can't impress a big girl with your car, money or material things because they already have the money to sort things out for themselves. They know what it takes to  love and to be loved in The relationship. Majority of the so called big girls these days now depend on yahoo boys and fuck boys for a living. They even brag that they can't date Broke guys whereas they themselves the so called cheap big girls have nothing to offer in the relationship. If you are the type of girl that  depend on a boyfriend for ordinary pad, airtime, data subscription your big girl isn't a unique one.

     24 hours in a relationship you are already requesting for assistance  like baby send me 2k urgently I need it for my practical 😂 what type of big girl are you? You date fuck boys and yahoo boys just to get money to wear expensive materials to show people that you are big while they give you hot knacking my sister that is not a big girl thing because big girls don't fuck around to show themselves they have their skill that fetch them money. 

    I weep for a this our generation just because they want to be rated as big girls they date as many as possible men and even abort babies to cover their shame. After collecting his money you head to boutique to buy Gucci clothes then posted it online to impress your friends for them to see you as a big girl but you are nothing but the truth is that, you are nothing but just a cheap fake girl. Not until you  spread your legs for iPhone before you can be a big girl. Big girls are hardworking girls not lazy women that expect freebies from men. This one  is bought by your boo, that one is bought by your boo #50 cloth you can't afford yourself and you call yourself big girl 😳😳😳.  

    if you are the type of lady that hustle like a man, you do major things for yourself without always depending on a man and yet you still afford to pay your own bills, cloth yourself and look attractive and beautiful my sister you are a big girl and please never compare yourself with other girls who live in an expensive apartment and ride latest cars because you don't know what their pussy went through before they got that apartment. My sister appreciate the woman you are becoming keep up the good work. Your future husband will be proud of you. 

    BEAUTY WITHOUT BRAIN:  This category of ladies are many on campus, the beauty without brain. The only thing they know is fashion, they can dress well, they know how to apply the makeups, they  know the latest clubs in town, they are focused on their beauty and when this category of big girls dress you will think they are  intelligent but obviously they have nothing upstairs ask them what they were taught in class they will be like "I don't understand" but they understand doggy style and even good in missionary style without anybody teaching them how to flush out sperm. Let me use this opportunity to remind you that there is no big girl without brain. As a Big girl your brain is what makes you unique and different from cheap girls. The real Big girls might not write upper credit or distinction but they are academically sound and 100 times better than cheap girls who will offer lecturer slot of their body in exchange for good grade. Unique Big girls don't make irrelevant noise in class and they are well known anywhere they go and sometimes people refer to them as pride.  if you are the type of lady that is self reliant and still you are academically sound you are not just a big girl but a unique big girl. 

     You have to understand that Big girls are not "empty barrel"  You can't just apply 10k make up with 20k human hair on your head  and still be eating  Your pen in the exam hall that one isn't a big girl. Like I said earlier big girls are self dependent they are very unique. 

    BIG GIRLS ARE NOT DIRTY:  Never classify yourself as a big girl if you are dirty as that of a pig. You cant identify this category of big girls easily unless you get close to them because they are very good at packaging 😂 they can wear one bra for the whole week without washing, their pants is not usually washed they don't care about that Infact their room accommodate rats and cockroaches and theirs is to apply make up, wear latest cloth and hill shoe just to show the world that they are big and when you sight this type of girl to approach her will even be difficult because you will think she is kind of big meanwhile she is not. If you fall In this category pls stop classifying yourself as a big girl. There is clear difference between a dirty girl and a big girl. Big girls are always clean Infact when you enter a big girl's room you wouldn't want to leave because you will really enjoy your stay as they have essential things that a lady is supposed to have.

     If you are a lady and you are always clean no matter how stressed you are, My sister you are a big girl don't compare yourself with a dirty girl who is clean outside but dirty inside and don't think anybody is better than you because of how they parade themselves rather remain focused on your your own source of big girl which is your work and don't forget money is what makes you big girl and your cleanliness is another thing that makes you a unique girl. Not until you have a four room apartment that single room you have manage it well. 

    BEG SCAM :  Big girls don't beg for money or scam people to collect money. Try to be unique for once in your life, "send me transport money, send me card, send me Data, I'm broke, I'm sick" etc all just to get money to buy clothes to show that you belong on campus haba sister you don't need this Imagine posting on your status that you are sick and that you are broke  Just to get money to fix your hair. Stop the beg scam. All these don't make you a big girl it makes you look cheap and hungry. 

    That is not a big girl thing. Big girls have a skill that fetched them money. Stop begging people for money all the time to do big girl.  Adamu  took you out for lunch, Abraham took you out for dinner yet you are Still expecting Moses to take you out for Shopping  and you will post the pictures so that people can think you're a big girl who are you fooling? Big girls don't beg for money like cheap girls or dirty girls. Big girls don't beg or scam people to do big girl they have work that fetched them money  and when a big girl is  broke she Can borrow Money  and  they return immediately.

    A case study of the lady  two years ago and just For three days that we met she has already Been asking me plans for her birthday 🤣🤣🤣🤣 They don't have a particular boyfriend. They have 20 school fathers, 15 school sons and 100 besties. this category of big girls are always single.  If you are a Lady and you don't beg people for money or scam just to get money to do big girl instead you have your own legitimate source of income that you spend on yourself my sister you are the real big girl not untill you wear Gucci clothes even the Gucci master Mr hushpuppi where is he today 😁 Do your own big girl with what you have and appreciate the woman you are becoming because you are training yourself to be an independent woman and not a proffesional beggar.

    FREEBIES: Big girls don't don't see freebies As a gift.  You always want someone to give you a ride, pay for your transport, pay your bills. No that's not big girl thing. Learn how to reject some offers. Don't see see every freebie as an opportunity. I met you online few months back and suddenly I asked for your account number you don't even hesitate To ask for what ?😂 learn how to reject some freebies. Alot of big girls has met their untimely death Because they don't know how to reject freebies. It is not every offer you must accept.  I didn't mean you shouldn't collect gifts from people but be careful of freebies.  Big girls don't expect freebies they have money to sort things out themselves. Rejecting freebies doesn't make you a Woman with pride It means you are discipline and you are truly a big girl. Someone invite you to a birthday party because of food you go, Someone offered you free foods and you accept my sister learn how to turn down freebies so that people wont see you as an hungry woman. Although it is hard to see a big girl that reject free freebies But  if you belong to this category you are a  Unique big girl. 

    FINANCE: What makes you a big girl is money therefore you should always be conscious of your spending and never compare yourself with cheap girls that only cares about their outlook. It won't be nice to Be Using   an iPhone and   Still be begging people for money. Don't spend lavishly. Big girls apply brain on their spendings. Not untill you wear Gucci or Versace before you can be a big girl. Do your big girl with the little you have and Don't do more than yourself.  Big girls spend wisely Because they worked for their money unlike cheap girls that got theirs by chance. Don't forget nobody will feed you when you are broke and those who might want to help you may demand for your body in return so spend wisely.

    DECENCY:  Most of our youths have gone extra Mile to prove  that they are  classic big girls and this is an opportunity to remind you that big girls comes with decency.  You don't need to show the whole world your half nude pictures to prove you are a big girl. You own your  life and you can live it to the fullest but try to be decent. Big girls are decent girls and when I said decent I didn't mean  You should be putting on hijab or Turn yourself to  Mummy GO no I mean you should behave yourself, dress In a decent manner that people would be proud of the woman you are becoming and Always  talk with maturity when you are interacting with people. Some girls even smoke Shisha  and drink alcohol just to show that belong And  you think big girl is by smoking shisha and drinking beer? No dear learn to be decent. Not untill you  Drink To stupor. Big girls are decent girls and if you want people to respect you learn to be decent. If you are part of the big girls that does everything in a decent manner you are not just a big girl but a unique big girl. Keep it up.

    LOVE YOURSELF:  Big girls love themselves and they don't fake it they can spend any amount on themselves and they don't care because it's their money which they earn through their hardwork. You don't need to fake your Life  before you can be a big girl Just love yourself For whom you are. Not until You bleached your skin, Enlarge your boobs, enlarge your boot to show that you are truly big. I must tell you that there are side effect of all these Man made body. Don't compare yourself with celebrities or anyone. Love yourself. Love your body the way it is, if you are black appreciate it and if you are light appreciate it and love yourself. Don't apply fake materials to fool people around. Even if a man fall in love with you and later discovered what he saw in you is scam 😄 don't expect him to stay. Buy things that makes you look unique. 

    In conclusion,  Being a big girl comes with a lot of responsibilities, most of Our youths that are Girls are guilty of one of these afforementioned characteristics. however, always have it at mind that time is everything, don't let society push you into rushing. The urge to have an iPhone,Use  Gucci Cloth , Buy land at lekki  and live in a room self contain has push alot of big girls into trouble as some of them end up having multiple Partners which makes them have  abortions, some have been used For rituals  and few have become second wife to married men while majority are single mothers and some have become prostitutes in the name of big girl. I don't want yours to be like that, that is why  I took my time to write this just to remind you that a  big girl is a woman who does not depend on anyone for living, she does her things in her way without faking her life to please others. A big girl have a skill that fetched her money. 

    Stop thinking of becoming a president wife when you can actually become the president. Don't expect freebies from people when you can actually be a freebie giver. Just be focused remember nothing last forever, your breast will still sag, your beauty will fade one day, your clothes will become old so don't allow material things to make you loose focus on your dreams. Empower yourself today   ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ðŸ˜

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