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  • Screenshots Of Nigerian Students Advice for A Polytechnic Student That Slept With His Uncle's Wife

  • A polytechnic student have taken to poly TV for an advice after his uncle caught him in bed with his wife. 

    According to student who doesn't want his name mentioed said, his uncle's wife  accused him that he raped her whereas it was his uncle's wife that seduced him and intentionally slept with him out of fornication. 

    The polytechnic student stated further that he is currently on the run for his life and regret all his actions as he pleaded for about advice from the greatest Nigerian students.

    He wrote:

    " I am having affair with my uncle wife and he caught us red handed today but the lady denued and start crying I raped her

    I was almost stabbed and he already send boys fir me..... Am currently in an hiding spot, probably if am not caught tonight I will make sure I move quickly to school cos he doesn't know there. Now you see I deserve to die self and be hanged. I was warned several times by my room mate cis he caught me thru the chat
    She pushed me into it aswr cos I was always feeling guilty whenever am with my uncle but today own was due to my stupidity.

    I was fucking sleeping just for me to wake on bj it was as if my brain was not intact again

    Knowing fully well he will soon be back

    Like she is a demon 😭😭😭 What do I do cos am from ijebu ode and we have alot of shrine what if they take me there" 

    Check out screenshots of advice for Nigerian students. 

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