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    There has been a long term belief that having sex in a dream is a sign of backwardness while some people believe that it is very bad for a man to have sex in a dream. Today poly TV will shed lights, about sex in a dream.

     What is a dream? A Dream is an Imaginary events seen in the mind while sleeping. There are lot of things that run in our mind, our thoughts and imagination and events that happened in our life  contributes to our dreams. There are different types of dreams but today I am only going deep into sex dream.  Is having a sex dream good or bad? What are The causes of sex dream, the types, how it can be prevented, and the dangers in involved? Here are the points I am going to discuss in this write up.


    Sex Dream is a situation whereby a man will sleep and have a dream that he slept with the opposite sex. Sex dream can happen during the day or night as there is no specific time for it. Both men and women experience Sex dream. Like I explained earlier that a dream is an imaginary events seen in the mind while sleeping, sex dream happens inform of imagination and Assumption of the mind which can be triggered by events that happened in a man's life. 

    Sex dream can be triggered by Pornography, Sex chat, Relationship, love, Masturbation, stress etc. Sex dream happens inform of imagination like the man would dream that he had sex with a woman and he will actually enjoy it in the dream as if it's real but when he ejaculates he will then realized that it was just a dream and same thing applicable to women too especially when they have strong feelings for a man or have a sexual urge so it is possible for a woman to sleep and dreamt that he slept with another man Infact the person might be unknown to her in real life and the truth is that no woman will open her mouth to tell you she had a sex dream. 

    Is Having Sex in a Dream Bad ? 

    There is nothing wrong in having a sex dream it only becomes a problem if yours is regularly Or spiritually motivated, in this write up I will explain types of sex dream based on my own little knowledge for you to know which category you belong and the way forward. Sometimes when a man have sex in his dream he might run to his prophet for prayer but there are some things that needed caution and not prayer, prayer can solve alot of problems, Still  there are some things you have to solve yourself. If you go to any church today or visit any Imam of God and you tell them that you have a sex dream, they might ask you to fast for 7days and 7night but before you run to a prophet you must identify the cause Of your problem, that is,  know the type/category of sex dream you belong.

    Sex Dream is only bad if you can't sleep without having sex in your dreams For example if you always dream that you Do have Sex. This is really not healthy at all both physically and spiritually hence there is, a need to seek for spiritual or medical help. what are the things that causes sex dream ?.


    Too much of  Pornography can make you have a sex dream like watching a sex movie at night or having a sex chat online And  viewing anything related to porn will eventually send signals to your mind and your mind will begin to imagine and when you sleep there is tendency  that you may likely to dream about what is in your mind. In this case you Might  imagine having sex in your dream thinking it's real not untill you wake up at night or in the morning to find out that your bed is wet. This category of sex dream is very bad once it becomes An habit because there are two things involved here which are masturbation + Sex dream. If you watch porn you might masturbate and still have a sex dream which is like double 'Wahala' for you.

     Having a sex dream as a result of pornography, fornication etc can affect your active sexual life. Especially for men. If you are in this category, going to a prophet won't solve your problem you should have known pornography is the cause of your own dream Thus quit pornography.

    LOVE:  Love is very very powerful especially when you have a strong feelings for someone it would be as if you should sleep with the person and in most cases it happens in a distance relationship whereby the lovers are faraway from each other. It is possible to dream that you both had sex and in this case there is nothing wrong in that, it is natural human feelings. Dream is an imagination and not all imagination becomes a reality. If you dreamt that you have sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend I think it's caused by love and emotional feelings. There is no need to visit a prophet it is not spiritual. It can only become spiritual if you have no feelings for him and he always appear in your dream that you both have sex then there is a need for spiritual Help. In the case whereby you have missed your lover there is possibility of having a sex dream so it is normal everything is not every sex dream is connected to Evil.


     Masturbation simply means satisfying One's self with an object to achieve orgasm. In a situation whereby you are addicted to masturbation, there is possibility for you to have a sex dream because the urge for sex is the beginning of masturbation. In this category, you have two big problems to fight; masturbation and sex dream. Some people will even have sex in real life, still masturbate again and have a sex dream. ThIs is extremely bad and not devils work it is something you can amend by yourself.  Quit Masturbation and your sex dream will reduce. If a man continues to masturbate on basis I must tell you that you are gradually killing your active sexual life and for woman that can't do without masturbation, it will be difficult for you to be Sexually satisfied by your partner. I have once received a message from a lady who claims she enjoy masturbation and Sex but finds it difficult to quit masturbation. If you always have a sex dream I will suggest that you quit masturbation or find a partner, having a partner will reduce the influx of sex dream because if you already have it real life, it won't be that on your mind any longer and it will reduce sex dream.


     Imagination can cause  sex dream. Maybe there is a beautiful girl in your department that you have been crushing And she has always Been  on your mind. You may likely imagine kissing her etc and this can cause you to have a sex dream. As a man, you just have to take caution because regular sex dream can affect your Manhood and  How? Remember whatever action you are performing in the dream Might likely  be demonstrated in real life.  Like having an erection, In the dream you are hitting the hole but in real life  you are only hitting and knacking your bed and if care is not taken you will just hear kpau  I hope you know pens doesn't have bone it only contains muscle. Imagination can cause sex dream it is normal but if it becomes everyday my brother it is no longer normal seek for help. 


    1.  NORMAL SEX DREAM:   This only happens once in a  blue moon. That is you dream that you have sex while sleeping. It is normal and can be caused by the  reasons stated above.

    2. WET DREAM: This happens to every man on earth except for those whose manhood is not functioning. In this category,  when you sleep around 9pm and wake up at night or in the morning you will notice your bed has been wet by droplet of Sperm and This  is called wet dream according to science and my findings, wet  Dreams normally happens once in a while and it Maybe as a result of    stress and other circumstances.  stress can cause We dreams as well especially school stress. If you have pass through alot of stress In the previous day there is probability that you Might  have a wet dream and there is nothing wrong with you, I do have a wet dream too  Most times when poly stress is too much for me ✴️.

    Note: Wet dream only happens once In a while not every night but if yours is every night I suggest you seek for medical advice 

    3. SPIRITUAL SEX DREAM:  Spiritual sex dream is the situation where by a man/woman is being attacked spiritually through His/her dream. This is a wide topic on its own but I will briefly explain. Alot of people today are being attacked through sex dream but they don't know. The secret about evil people is that they always use what a man like most to attack him, If a You love Eating food, they will bring food for you in your dream and once you eat it from that very day you will start to experience difficulties in life and same thing  applicable to sex, evill people can come in any form they already know You like women, they know your weak point and if they want to attack you they Can come in form of a woman, they will seduce you in the dream and once you fall into the trap you will have to be prayerful for you to be delivered otherwise You will be a walking dead. To you,  you may Think you are okay but spiritually you are finished. How can you know if you are in this category? Observation is the way to know, if you notice that ever since the day you have had sex In your dream and things have been going bad for you then I will suggest you go for spiritual counseling but before that pray to your God First, whichever God you believe in pray for deliverance.

    Also if you observed that you have always had sex Dream despite the  fact that you don't watch porn, have no lover or doesn't have anything related to sex in your mind yet still always have sex in a dream yours maybe a spiritual attack. Some people have been cursed to always enjoy sex only in their dream and that's why sometimes you will see a 35yr old man who is still a virgin or 30 yr old woman who is beautiful but always find men unattractive, no mater how handsome or good a man is, she will always see them as irritating these type of people Might Have spiritual husband or wife that is Making them happy in their dream. This is the reality of life that you can't find in your scientific textbook. 

    Sometimes when you sleep with a girl things will either go well or go bad for you. STD(Sexual transmitted demons) can't be prevented by condom. This means if a man Is being attacked spiritually through sex dream and you sleep with such man there is chance that his problems might be transferred to you and I think that's why those sexual workers use charms to protect themselves and in a situation whereby you have no charm, you have  no protection. I will advise you not to see every holes as opportunity. Learn how you zip your trouser.

    That girl you see as opportunity Can be used by evil people to attack you. You will just have a dream that you guys have sex meanwhile you are having sex with a demon  please be wise.

    In nutshell, the purpose of this write up is to enlighten you about sex dream in which I believe you might have gain something today. Try to figure out which category you belong to know if if you needed medical advice or spiritual counseling. Also have it at mind that sex dream is normal and nothing wrong In it As it only becomes a problem if yours is being spiritually fuelled or becoming an addiction.  I also hope you learn from my story.

     Condom can prevent Sexual transmitted disease But only self discipline, moral and self control can prevent sexual transmitted demons.May God help everyone of Us and Save us from evill people. Amen.

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