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  • Many Nigerian students shared room with their friends on campus while others squat for a particular time pending when they will be able to get theirs. The major reason why students opt in for roommates is because of financial issues apart from other challenges. There are advantages of roommates but the disadvantages are more than the benefits. This is a new session and many students were just offered admission so I think this is the best time to bring this topic so that you  can know what roommate is all about.

    Let us look at some of the benefits of having a roommate 

    (1). You don't become lonely
    When you have a roommate you always have someone to talk to and hang around with. You rarely get that funny feeling that makes it seem you've been placed under some sort of house arrest or holed up in a fortres. I remember when I had roommate then we use to talk and gist and this alone doesn't make me feel lonely and bored.  If you are the type of person that can't live alone then you can opt-in for a roommate.

    (2). You get to split bills, chores and tasks
    Rather than living alone in an uncomfortable abode because you can't afford to pay for something better; with a roommate, you get to live in a better environment and simply split the rent. You also get someone to share the house chores and tasks like with. Take for example you can get a room self contain and share the bills together instead of living in face me I slap you. You won't have to be worried about the bills because it is 50/50 you share the Nepa bills, house rent, food stuffs, drinks etc.  Having a roommate will reduce your financial burden in school 🥰

    (3). You have someone to call for help and support.

    You're going for an early morning lecture and have no transport fare; you need to purchase some important stuffs and you've got no money; you're coming home late and need a hot place of food on your table as soon as you get home and what else? A roommate's the best bet. 

    Having a roommate in school can be of help and support to you especially when you are tired, your roommate can help you out and vice versa

    (4). You could make a very good friend and build a lifetime relationship.
    Beat it! Top executives, multimillionaires and all other "ogas at the top" today probably had a roommate at one time or the other in their lives. And if you were a "good" roommmate during the period of habitation, I don't think they would think twice before repaying you. Having a roommate is the bedrock of strong friendship relationship. You may end up being an everlasting friends and can be help to each other in future. Just try to be a good roommate because nobody knows tomorrow. For the fact that someone is squatting you today doesn't mean they can't help you tomorrow

    (5). There's someone around in case of emergencies

    Imagine you slipped in the bathroom and fell into coma or you get knocked down by a heavy bout of malaria or fainted after falling dizzy; fact is, there's a higher possibility of you getting help when you have a roommmate as compared to when you don't. I learnt a polytechnic student died last year in her bathroom, this is what happens when you don't have a roommate. Having a roommate help you in terms of emergency. Your phone is not as fast as having someone beside you to help On time.


    Above all the advantages of having a Roommate, the disadvantages are many and if care is not taken you might loose focus and get distracted with roommates palava. Eventhough roommates work for some people the percentage is not usually positive.  Here are some reasons why you should not have a roommate.

    (1). You lose your privacy:

    (1). You lose your privacy
    You can't sleep naked, you can't spend a full hour in the bathroom, you can't sing with your coarse voice in the bedroom, you can't watch indecency, masturbate and freely do all other wierd stuffs you love doing. Fact is, your privacy becomes lost the moment touch begin to cohabit with someone else.  The last time I had a roommate having a girlfriend becomes difficult for me because of privacy, the funniest part is that anytime my girlfriend visits my roommate will never excuse us. He will be listening to all our conversations. This is fucking annoying especially when you are into a distance relationship 🤣🤣🤣 will you tell your roommate to go lodge elsewhere because your boyfriend wants to visit?  Infact you won't be able to sleep naked at night at your convenience and also praying may become difficult because you won't want your roommate to know how far about your relationship with God.For this number one reason, I must tell you that roommate is scam.

    (2). Your roommate could be pretty annoying and have downright disgusting manners.
    Have you ever found yourself in a situation whereby you get to leave your bottle of perfume in a certain position whenever you're leaving the house? Or you have to hide your wallet in totally absurd places? Or put a very small piece of paper in your milk's tin lid? Or have to hide your towel in your luggage all because some self acclaimed roommmate's doesn't know that some things are not meant to be shared? Or you've ever lived with someone who spits on the bedroom floor, urinates in the kitchen sink and uses the toilet without flushing? Well, if you haven't, it's only a matter of time- except you live alone. 

    Do you know the reason why I sent my roommate packing? It happened In 2016 I was in NDII when the school admit new set of students so I actually accommodate this guy for the main time but to my shocking surprise he won't wash the plates

    he is very stingy to the extent I was the one feeding him, he has money and will never help. How can you be coming to school without bringing foodstuffs?. I fed him for almost a semester till I travelled home and on getting back guess what? My room stunks as if it was pig living there, the bedspread was very dirty and this guy left all the plates there with the pot without washing. He finished my bournvita and milk with the custard I left as if that's not enough he still have the guts to bring friends to my room without permission. The next thing I did was that I helped him packaged all his loads dumped it outside the gate and I locked my room and travel back to my hometown.  The following week i heard he has gotten an apartment. Roommate can be of burden to you and can give you problems with their disgusting manners. Before you said what I did was wrong Jesus and Allah only told us to love our neighbor as ourselves not love my neighbor more than myself.

     Roommates are scam. Never accept them don't ever give them the chance if you don't know their grassroots. 😂 there are some people I know in ospoly that changes roommate every semester 🤣🤣🤣🤣 that roommate of a thing is a pure scam. 

    (3). Your roommmate's might gossip, backbite and tell people private things about you
    You bedwet, wear an underwear for a month, bathe once a week and brush your teeth only on Tuesday mornings? You really ought to be careful if you've got a roommmate, especially if the roommmate's a female (no offence meant) . Your roomie could tell people all these and even feign lies all in a bid to keep a conversion with a third party going or simply because he/she's damned irritated.

    (4). You could be made to pay for your roommmate's crimes
    I once lived with a guy who stole a mobile phone from a fellow housemate only to abscond when things went awry. At the end of the day, I almost got arrested if not for the simple fact that I stood my grounds. But for the keeps, others have suffered police detentions, jailterms or even death for crimes committed by their roommmates.  Imagine if your roommate is a cultist and got arrested or killed you may land in trouble. Having a roommate is scam.


    living alone give you an independent life, you pay your own bills, pay your dues and feed yourself. Living alone doesn't mean you will be lonely you can have friends who visits and even spend some time with you unlike having a roommate that can be of burden to you. As a man living alone helps to build your level of maturity and it speaks alot about your responsibility. Living alone makes you serious and you will be able to think straight about your life without distraction of competing with your roommate.  Infact as a student you can easily restock your home anytime without any concern they your roommate might feed on them. You can buy new things to your room like TV sets, bed, chairs etc and all belongs to you unlike when you have a roommate the seriousness to get things done in you won't be high. Roommate can also be of either good or bad influence to you. Imagine having a roommate that smokes 24/7 or the one that snores and disturb you at night 😂😂😂 some roommates are too religious and can be of disturbance to your own belief.

    (5). Your roommmate might become dependent on you.
    When you live with some people, you might suddenly find yourself footing all bills, funding all meals, purchasing all items and carrying out all basic house chores that you begin to start wondering why you aren't even living alone in the first place. It's either your roommmate lives
    WITH you or lives ON you. If he/she lives with you, fine; but if he/she's lives on you, RUN

    In conclusion, Living with a roommate can be fun and also living alone is cool. The purpose of this write up is to point out the advantages of living alone and having a roommate.

    If you carefully follow this write up you would have noticed that the disadvantages of having a roommate are more than the benefits however the choice is yours.

    Drop your comments about your experience with having a roommate so that others can learn. Let's see if roommates Are  still good for consideration.

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    1. If I had know then I would not have a roommate������ I don't know wot to do now cause we both pay for the house rent........my roommate is giving me big problem now