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  • Tutorial is a class organized by students of higher level to teach the newly admitted students courses that may seems to be difficult for them. Sometimes tutorials can be organised by students of the same department and level whom are brilliant to teach other students on some difficult course. Tutorials has helped alot of students.

    Advantages of Tutorials

    1. It expose students to understand what the lecturer teaches: Tutorials help students to understand better what the lecturer teaches  as the tutor can explain better than the lecturer

    2. Teaching Approach and understanding: Students can easily ask questions from their tutors and get answers to their own understanding inwhich they might find hard to do when their lecturers is lecturing them.

    3. FRIENDSHIP: Tutorials is also an opportunity where Undergradaute students can make friends and start relationship. From my research, 3 in 10 students that go for tutorials only do that to make friends.

    4. Tutorials build students: Yes tutorials help to build students academically


    The Disadvantages of Tutorials cannot be over emphasized, right from time I have always dislike tutorials because to me I think it's a total waste of time and resources and Here are the reasons

    1. TUTORIALS sometimes are being organised to target female students and woo them. Some students in the ND2 or HND2 atimes organised tutorials just to pick and target babes. Also tutorials is one of the tools students politician use to woo students.

    2. Catch them young: Some fellowships and other clubs on campus hide under the guise of tutorials to lure students into their clubs, fellowships and association.

    3. Different Teaching methods:  Tutorials can confuse students because atimes the tutor explanation might be different from what the lecturer teaches hence exposing the students to failure. I remember when an ND2 student taught me fluid mechanics, the formula he gave me was different from what the lecturer taught us in class and that was how I missed 5marks.

    3. Incompetent Tutors: Tutorials sometimes are being organised to make money or fame. I wonder why a student who barely scored 50 in his course will be taking tutorials.

    4. Distraction: Tutorials is a distraction because you might  not listen to the lecturer explanation in class with the believe that your tutor will explain to you better.

    Moreso, some students only go to tutorials to show their clothes and beauty and not to study.

    Tutorial may have helped many students but also the side effects are more than the advantages, I see it as a waste of time.

      If there are some  subjects/topics you don't understand I think the best way is to walk up to someone whom you know is good in the topic to explain to you better than going to tutorial monday to Friday after lectures. Just walk up to any of your course mate that knows it better to explain to you. Not that you should carry tutorial for head like plantain.

    Funny part is that most of these students that attend tutorials day and night always see others as unserious element anyway by their result we shall judge them 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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