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  • What is patience? Patience is the ability to wait for something And  not losing tamper while one is waiting. I don't know what you are going through in your life presently but I'm here to tell you to exercise patience because God's time is the best.

    Are you loosing tamper already? Is it because things are not going well as planned in your life? Exercise patience boss your pain will soon become a gain..

    There are many factors that can make one to be impatience and what are these factors

    1. Money: Everybody loves to have money because life without money is not sweet. Some people who couldn't wait switch to illegal business, some had to do ritual just to be rich because they have loose the tamper to wait.  I don't know if money is your own problem right now I just want to tell you to please exercise more patience. Most of our youth today prefer to have their dinner as breakfast and if you belong to this category pls exercise patience everything will soon be okay. We become to loose temper the moment we see our friends doing better than us but we have forgotten that there are thousands of people who are still praying to be like us. Your friends might have make it in life they might have become  rich and not help you but just exercise patience don't loose focus. Believe in God and wait for your time. Don't become impatient because you dont have money now who knows tomorrow??  Things maybe difficult for you right now but bro just exercise patience trust me this Money will come.

    2. WOMAN: A woman can make one to become impatience especially when you are just nurturing your life. When you see other guys buying iPhone for their babe whereas you can't afford a common recharge card for your own woman you start to think that God is not faithful to you and this alone can make you loose tamper thereby doing what is not right just to satisfy your woman. If your woman is the one rushing you and making you to loose your patience please let her know God's time is the best. Exercise patience and put more efforts into your work God will multiply you. You just have to understand that God is not a magician sometimes it take years for his promise to manifest in our life and this is why I asked you to exercise patience. The reason why I use "Woman" as a point is because I have carefully studied and observed that some men get tired of waiting and become impatient as a result of pressure from their girlfriends. If your girlfriend is the one making you to Be impatient to the extent you feel like doing ritual or doing illegal work that can later backfire always remember what works for A might not work for B It might work for others and not work for you thus God's time is the best Just  exercise patience. If she can't exercise patience let her go and continue to nurture your life.  

    3. Environment and Achievement:  The environment we live in and achievement of others can also influence one to loose temper in particular The country Nigeria is nothing to write home about as there is hunger in the land with no jobs and yet many people are making it some are buying lands, building house and doing  great things  in life and these alone can push you to rush out of patience  when you see people in your environment doing great things just calm down exercise patience your own time will soon come. You too will buy your own land, build your own house. You see this polytechnic ehn we will graduate, that NYSC we we will surely get there. Because people in your surrounding are doing great doesn't mean God have forsaken you. This life is turn by turn maybe it's not yet your turn you just have to keep trying and exercise  patience because one day it will soon get to your turn. You want to know the exact day right?? Sister nobody knows tomorrow that is why I'm charging you to  exercise patience because God's time is the best.

    3. BUSINESS:  Are you Running out of patience because your business isn't going well?? You have tried importation business, online business, skill and others  but nothing good seems to come out of it  despite all your efforts well Do you know that When a farmer go to the farm to plant a crop, it takes years to harvest?? and before the farmer can harvest there are still many works to be done such as clearing the grasses, watering the plants and also it takes time for the plant to mature before harvest can take place. You see that plant in this illustration is that your business while the challenges you are facing right now are the grasses, the time in the illustration represents your patience while the harvest represents your success which means if you can exercise patience and tackle the grasses(challenges) in that your business, you will surely  harvest(Succeed)  but right now you need concentrate on watering your plants, that is put more efforts in that your business that water represents your efforts as we all know plants need water to survive so you need to put energy in that your business To make a headway.

     You are an artist but you haven't had much followers yet?? No much downloads and streams on your songs right?? chill bro exercise patience even wizkid Davido and other famous artist in the music industry it take years for them to blow not to talk of you that just started you need  to exercise patience and keep putting effort into what you do. The question is do you believe in yourself?? If yes then you will surely make it.  This reminds me of years ago When I created a blog and had no visitors nor views if I drop news I had to beg friends to read even my write ups then had no comments I always do free promotion I messaged an expert who told me to exercise patience that things take time I had to believe in my work and God even though I haven't gotten to the promise land yet I believe one day you and I time will come too and people will celebrate us  besides Naija loaded TV, Nairaland, instablog all started from somewhere and they are bigger today just lay your hands On  something, keep it moving and exercise Patience I believe one day you and I will clinch success but right now you need to exercise patience. In whatever you do always  Be patient. My prophet started with house fellowship and now he has a build his own empire and some prophets who can't wait do ritual for their congregation to be many but what happened to them at last??

    Relationship: I don't know what you are going through in that your relationship maybe things isn't going well between you and your partner, maybe S/he betrayed your trust I just want you to exercise patience in that relationship because  nobody is perfect sit right and make things work out. Your boyfriend is broke right??  Exercise patience with him things will soon turn good  You want him or her to change right?? Give it time people change with time, change doesn't happen over night it takes time. You just have to exercise patience.  I have tasted many relationships and I can tell you that nobody is complete so if you keep jumping from one to another hoping for a perfect match then you are mistaken. Even if you marry a rich person it doesn't guarantee happiness.  Instead of cheating on him or her why not exercise patience and Build him or her to your taste? I am guy and I don't know how to dress that has been my issue one chose to leave me because she couldn't cope with that while one encourages me and teaches me how to dress in which I'm currently learning and getting adapted to there is no perfect somebody what you just need is to be patient. 

    Even living with  parents if you cant exercise patience you will lose temper because of their frustration. I spent two years with my parents after my national diploma it was tough because the frustration was too much for me but one thing I keep telling myself is "It's just a matter of time" and when I left my parents they missed me and told me How much I meant to them some friends advised me to rent house then but I just told them that I will continue to exercise patience with Them patience brings endurance, if you are patient enough you will be able to endure. In marriage it takes some couples years to have children some are 15Years and even above those who can't exercise patience can file for divorce but above all if you can wait and endure you will surely enjoy at last 

    In nutshell, the purpose of this write up is to remind you To exercise patience in whatever you do because God's time is the best. Exercising patience doesn't mean you should be dull So  lay your hands On  something then keep pushing you will see that at end success will be your story. While exercising patience Please  don't dull yourself. You see this Benz you will buy it, this polytechnic you will surely graduate, that your business will soon be known allover, your music will soon blow, that beautiful girl?? You will surely marry her that house you will surely build it but right now You  need to take things easy exercise patience and while exercising patience don't be sluggish work hard and I pray the almighty God crown you and I efforts. Amen 👍👍👍👍

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