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  • Family history can be referred as to as the past and immediate records of a particular family which can be transferred from one generation to another. Sometimes when things go wrong in our life we do blame God for our own misfortune where as God is not evil Have you ever sat down to think about the source of your problems? Why you always have carryover every semester? Why you are the one left as son/daughter of your parents? Why you always run into debts when you try running business? Why you always had a failed relationship? Why you can't point out to any achievement since you were born to this life? The answer to all these aforementioned might be connected to your family history. 

    POVERTY: In some family poverty is their own family history no matter how hard you try to hustle and work hard in this category your efforts will always be futile and you may end up being poor if you don't buckle up your belt. Have you ever discover that in your own family no one is rich or financialy buoyant when you call your brother what you get is "I don't have " when you call your sister her response will be "I'm broke" even your parents had to work at the expense of their life to survive and if you notice all these, It is advisable for you to buckle up your belt and be prayerful so that you won't end up being a poor man like your father.  It is not every problem that requires prayer sometimes you just have to take caution.  You don't want to be poor like your parents and grandparents right? So what are you doing right now to ensure you don't fall where your ancestors fell? There are some people that rose from a poor family and still become somebody in life that was because they discover their family history problem on time and they choose not to fall where their ancestors fell. 

    Premature Death: In some family premature death is their own family history, no matter how you try people in this category don't live long it's either they die at young age or die when it's time for them to flourish. Do you Notice too much premature death in your own family? That is a signal for you to buckle up your belt because you don't know who is next. So be prayerful. There are some family that they don't go school and If you have the opportunity to be the only one to go school and graduate it means you are lucky and grace found you still you have to be careful so that you won't die prematurely. You notice some Corp members (NYSC) Usually die after or during service maybe due to sickness or accident it might be connected to family history. Premature death won't be your portion but plz if you know this is your category better be careful and don't brag too much in the family and at the same time be prayerful.

    Polygamous family is the family history of some people, in this category it is hard to see a man with one wife. This is the type of family whereby the lady will have three children for three husband and their sons will have more wives. The funniest thing is that some of them use religion to cover face anyway the most important thing is for you to realize your own family history the earlier the best .  Leave religion aside and face the reality of life Some guys will even be like "my Father had 7wives" so they date as many as possible women and even impregnate them. That your father had many wives doesn't mean you should do same, the same many wives your father have and yet still die in poverty is the same history you want to repeat ??😳😳 it is our parents prayer that we should be better than them  so how will you be better than your parents when you are  following their wrong footsteps? Or you want history to repeat itself on you?? 

    Maybe you still don't understand, let use my own family history as a case study, My father had three wives and 6 children 5 females and one male in which I happen to Be the only son so here is how the family history starts, the first born got impregnated, second same, third same, fourth same they were all impregnated tho they did marriage later but that doesn't erase the history of marriage out of wedlock and the funniest part is that their own(my sisters) children also was impregnated again some of them married twice, thrice but the Fifth born which is from the second wife got married last month she was the only one among all that erase the family history Of getting pregnant out of wedlock, she finished her education then married with a man of her dreams while they are looking forward to me as Next meanwhile I have promised myself not to make the mistake that my ancestors made.  Sometimes we think family history is a curse but most times it is not so as we are the cause of our own problems, imagine 1st, 2nd 3rd getting pregnant had it been they sat down to think very well they could have cautioned themselves not fall where their ancestors fell. The first born of one of my elder sister was also impregnated again you see how the history keeps going like that and I think that my sister won't be able to talk to his daughter based on the fact that she was also impregnated. Family history usually starts like adaptation gradually it turns to addiction which you will start to see as normal thing in the family. My elder sister who was the first born gave birth to a son, the son impregnated one of our tenants as if that is not enough, he impregnated two other ladies making three children from three women and the last time I saw him he was with another woman. So one day I sat down think about my problems in life and I figured out that family history is related since then I have determined not to allow history to repeat itself on me how is this possible ? I have learnt how to overlook  things that make my ancestors fall which is woman so I try as much as possible to love only one and even stick to a single partner tho it may seems difficult due to temptation but considering  my brother that had multiple girlfriends of what gain was it to him? Now he has three wives with three children fight every day he can't even provide for his own kids and what about my sisters that refused to learn? Majority of them married twice in which I never wanted that to happen to me I don't want what happened to my sisters and uncles to repeat itself on me that is why I'm taking caution and praying to God to help me. I'm telling you all these story not for you to pity me but for you to learn so that your own family history won't repeat itself on you . So what about you? Have you figured out your own family history? Is it poverty that is your own family history? What are you doing right now to avert poverty? Are you still sitting down at home expecting manner to fall from heaven? Brother think well so that you won't inherit poverty. In every family there is a particular person that will erase the family history but it is up-to you to be the person maybe to eradicate or inherit the choice is yours.

    What is that thing that happened to your father, your mother, your elders in the family? Discover it and make sure it doesn't happen to you. 

    Achievement: in some family they don't achieve anything there, their life is always stagnant. If you do business it won't bring profit, if you try relationship you will always experience heart break, even if you try going to school you may likely always have carryover and even extra year. Have you observed no one has ever achieved anything in your family?? It's time for you to buckle up your belt. First of all distance yourself from the family and work hard then take your spiritual life serious. Distancing yourself is also good but not as good as being prayerful.

    Every semester you always have carryover despite the fact you know in deep that you did all you could and did your best but it seems your best is not enough you just have to be prayerful because it might be family history problem. In some family you can never find a graduate there and in a case whereby you are lucky to be the only one to go school in the family and experiencing all these academic frustrations there are two things to do; work hard and be prayerful, that is, put more efforts in your academic life and also channel more energy on prayer. Carryover is not a new thing to some students because they always have it infact it has become an extra year for some students to the extent they were unable to graduate that problem can be connected to family history, in a family where a graduate can't be found and as I said earlier work hard and pray.

    How can family history be Eradicated?? 

    Family history can only be eradicated with prayer, precaution and determination. Some family history are curse while some are just normal so first of all you have to be prayerful then have a determination to break the record and also take precautions. If no one ever graduate in your family have a determination to graduate, have a determination to get married and not out of wedlock, have a determination to break the record of poverty and you notice I said you must take precaution right? Yes if you have already determined to graduate in school you have to be serious and avoid distraction because distraction can cause your failure and allow history to repeat itself on you. Likewise if your own family history is poverty don't go  extra mile to break the record by doing Ritual or yahoo because at the end you may end up being poor so you have to strive hard to break the record. Eradicating family history is not by taking shortcut, this reminds me of one of my sister too who was lucky to work in a MTN outlet company, things started going well with her she bought a land, bought a farm and has even started the foundation of her house these money are not only from her salary she stole from MTN and when she was caught she was sacked years later arm robber attacked her on her way to Ibadan all the money about 300k and all her recharge card was collected from her, the worst part is that the money is not for her she was collecting thrift and right now the land she bought has been sold, farm sold, someone who was living in an apartment before  is now staying in face me I slap you house this make me to think very well and I realized eradicating family history is not by taking shortcut just pray for grace, have a determination and take caution. Some ladies think marrying a rich man is the only way to eradicate their poverty family history but it doesn't really work like that except if grace found you. Just like you know people usually get married out of wedlock in your family then you must take precaution by learning how to close your legs or zip your trouser to avoid Stories that touch.

    Family history is in various forms, scientifically, According to what I was taught in biology, we were made to understand that genes are transfered from parents to offspring which means if your father is a diabetic you have to start taking precaution from now because there is possibility of you being a diabetic. If your father was a thief you have taken caution so as not to inherit such trait from him. Science confirm family history this is why it is very very important for you to know your own family history so that you can take precaution to avoid future reoccurrence, that is, to prevent what happened to your ancestors from happening to you. 

    Is family history important while choosing a life partner?

    Yes family history is important when choosing a life partner, Our fore-bearers were not stupid but so wise to investigate the family a girl or man comes from before agreeing to a marriage proposal. When i was younger, i used to hear them saying things like you can't marry that person because she is not from a good home, now i understand.  It is necessary for you to at least know brief history about your partner family history before going into marriage or when you notice the relationship is heading straight it is necessary as this will enable you to know the kind of family you are dealing with and also I want you to know that me coming from a bad home doesn't mean I will Be a bad person   tho my family is complicated but that doesn't mean I will be complicated too you notice my write about husband and wife material where I emphasised  about individual character, attitude and behavior. My point here is that when you are in a relationship always try as much as possible to figure out the family history of your partner and compare and contrast it to his or her attitude, character and behavior. For example you discovered that My mom sells hard drug and alcohol or run a bar club you really need to pay attention to me if I'm a drug addict too. The girl is more likely to do the same things her mom did because majority of ladies build their characters from their moms and the guys the same.

    Well I'm telling you All  these story not to pity me but for you to learn. I just want you to take caution so that you won't fall where your ancestors fell. Do not allow bad history to repeat itself on you. Family History is not about getting impregnated alone I just use my family as a case study because sometimes when I fall in love and the lady ask about my family I feel ashamed to talk because it always hurt but I have promised myself that the family history won't repeat itself on me.  What about you??? Do you want that history to repeat itself on you? If no then start working towards it.

    When family history Starts it usually looks like normal routine  but when it begins to turn from one generation to another it gradually turns into curse until you realize this and take caution. They will be like "Shebi my father did not go to school " "my sister married thrice and nothing happened" are you planning to allow history to repeat itself on you? Rebuke it and work towards it even if nobody has ever graduate in your family you will be first. Don't be discouraged by your family history you just have to be serious and kow what you are doing.

    In conclusion, I want you to sit down and think about this, what is it that thing that happened to your ancestors and is still happening in your family?  Is it poverty? Lack of Education?  Failed Marriage? Unwanted pregnancy? Barrenness? Health challenges? Think about this and have a determination to eradicate this family history from your own generation and don't forget to always pray because prayer is the key and always take caution. Bad history won't repeat itself on you in the Almighty God name I pray.  Amen. I believe you have learnt something today?? Happy Sunday.

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