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  • Inspiring Write Up: WHY YOU NEED TO CHANGE

    Change According to my own dictionary is to become something different. If you want to become a different person then you must be prepared to try something different. This is a new month and this Month is an opportunity for us to start something different. They say a friend in need is a friend indeed but are you truly a friend indeed? we always complain about  fake friends not knowing that we ourselves are Fake. Are you the type of person that backstab, gossip and talk bad about your friend when S/he is not around?? Are you the type of friend that gives wrong advice because of your own selfish interest I think it is time for you to change. If you don't change you will start to see other people as bad because of their attitude towards you not knowing you are the enemy of yourself. If you want to be a different friend then start doing something different. If you don't hear from them call them, if they don't chat you chat with them, if they always gossip about you ignore them by doing these you are changing and trying to become a different person. One benefit of doing these is that your friends will always be proud of you they will be like "I trust him/Her S/he is so different"  this is hard to do right? You can start practicing because practice makes perfection.

    Aunty I greet you well ooo Everybody for house know you to be a good girl, decent and trustworthy but just a semester that you use In the polytechnic you have turned Yourself  to something else, you are now a slay queen Sleeping with different men Are you changing from good to bad or bad to good??  Anyway I have nothing much to tell you than to remember the son of whom you are. 

    My Dear papa, when you were a still a student, we know you to be a good person how spiritual and honest and how many students were inspired by your lifestyle  but since you graduate from the polytechnic Many things have changed about you, people now wonder If you are still the same person they know you to be. Are you changing from Good to bad?? Sir/mir there is nothing Pleasant as bring a good person.

    Some people believed that they can change someone in a relationship or marriage, some will be like "I will change him when we marry" this is a wrong expectation. It is hard to change to someone tho change is constant but there are somethings that cant be changed. When you try to convince  your partner and S/he doesn't change for good you better move on with your life. Some will even say "I Love him/her"  but love is not strong enough to keep someone.

    A man that keeps beating you whenever you had little misunderstanding and still you keep telling him to change but there is no changes and you were like "Its just a matter of time" this one is not a matter of time oo you can't change anyone that doesn't want to be change its better you Take a different step now else you might regret later.

    A dog will always be a dog no mater how you try you can't make a dog a sheep no it wont work, when you are dating a dog the only benefit you get from them is sex everyday sex as if that is not enough they won't hesitate to fuck your sister, family and friends if they have the chance, What they think everyday of their life is sex some mumu girls will still have mouth to say "If you are fucking my man nah you go loose you" 😂 instead of you to cover your face in Shame that your man is  a dog, don't you know it's a shame that your man keeps fucking everyone around him.  You haven't had a man yet what you have is a fuck boy Well you maybe like "He will change when we marry" that is the mistake you must not make, Person wey no useful for relationship no fit useful for marriage even though they say change is constant, that is, he might probably change but do you know when? If S/he refused to change now from bad to good I think it's best you change them, after trying all your best to make them change and yet they still keep doing the same thing you better run. I hear people say "Men are polygamy in nature"🤣🤣🤣 That statement is a myth and not true. Some will even use religion to cover their flaws I still believe no religion is higher than humanity Do what is right, change this your Bad habit abi tell me what do you really gain from all these your  Misdeed?? You have slept with almost all the girls in your street they have even given you name like badooo and you think that is good? You better change for good.

    Some women keep complaining that their husband is always drunk, so it is now you realize that your man is a drunkard, when you were  both dating that he will take you to club Drink different types of alcohol of 70% , smoke shisha you didn't notice the bad habit in him then right?? Ofcourse  you knew it was wrong instead of you to quickly caution him to change then but you were like "We were just having fun". Some people don't know that it is hard to change someone especially in marriage. You knew the person you are with is a thief but because of the little change you get you kept quiet. Relationship are meant to help eachother not only in financial aspect but also in our lifestyle. What type of lifestyle do your partner live?? Have you make any attempt to correct them at all or you just kept quiet because he is giving you money or you kept quiet because she is giving you free knacks??  I think a healthy relationship is not limited to money and sex alone it  also involved helping each other and building one another to become a better person. How will you become a better person when you are not even making attempt, even though relationships require endurance, still you must never endure bads except if you want to live with the pain. Many housewife today live in pain and also many husbands live in pain because they have no other choice while those who can't endure file for divorce but what about you? You still have the chance to write your wrongs now. Are you a good boyfriend? Are you a better girlfriend? What type of friend are you? Are you the type that only cares for sex? Are you the type that is selfish? Do you notice any bad habit in your partner? I think it's better for you to change for good or help them to change and this is why I use the headline of this write up as" why you need to change" 

    Let me use mathematics to prove my write up,  1+0 = 1, 1*0= 0 , 1-0= 1

    That 1 represents yourself while the results(0,1) represent your life  if you really want some changes in your  life then you must change some aspect of your lifestyle(Figures). Whatever you add to zero will always be equals to the same number nothing changes. If you add 20 +0 it will still give you the same thing 20, this also applicable to our life when you keep doing the same thing you will always get the same result but the moment you try something different you will always get different results. If you have carryover in the previous semester, I don't need to tell you that you have to improve and be more serious to avert another carryover but if you keep doing the way you use to do your GP will remain the same as well. 20+1= 21, 20+2=22 you see the results increase the moment I change the figures, there are some figures in your life that you have to change for you to move forward it is now left for you to discover the figures to add or remove, if relationship is what is causing your life to be stagnant it's better you remove it, if God is the figure you think needed then you better add it. 

    Can I change someone?
    No you can't change anyone but you can help them to change, that is become a better person. for example you see someone who smokes and you want him to change the best you can do is probably tell them the risk involved in smoking and also back it up with the word of God probably he maybe touched by your words and luckily he might change but still you need to keep telling him the risk so that the person will  change for Good. I was a porn addict, I can't do without watching a porn in a day infact I have thousands of sex videos on my phone but just one thing changed me and what Is that?? On this fateful day I turned on my radio set and I listened to this man talking about the implications of pornography I was really touched and I followed the advice he gave on that same day I deleted all the porns on my phone and all the porn sites saved on my bookmark that was how I was saved from the bondage of pornographic infact my friends are still surprised till date how I changed suddenly and I told Them change is constant, it was not the man that changed me I was touched by his words and noticed what he said are nothing but the truth so I decided to change and This is why I always say you can't change anyone that doesn't want to be changed but you can help them to change, that is, to Become someone better. You can help your boyfriend become a better person,  you can help your girlfriend become a better person, you can help your friend to become a better friend as well but you need to understand one thing about "change"  doesn't happen Overnight it starts by gradual process. This is why I bring this write up "Why you need to change" That is, try to make adjustments in some aspects of your life that where change needs to occur.

    In nutshell, Is there any habit that people have been complaining about you? I think it's time for you to think about this and change, remember change means being different so if you want to be a different person in this new month of August then prepare to change for good from the old ways of your life.  Ask yourself, "What is the bad  Thing about Me that needed to be changed"  Think about this and work on it. A physics law states that "A body will remain stationary except if an external force is exerted on it" same thing applicable to our life, our life will be stationary If we refuse to Exert an external force on it and what is this external force?? "change" . Try as much as possible to change. May God help you.

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