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  • The rate at which undergraduate students cohabitate on campus is becoming alarming and this has become necessary for POLY TV to discuss this topic so as to shed light on the importance, consequences of cohabitation among Nigerian students.. Cohabitation can be defined as the coming together of two opposite sex students living together as one in the same room and in  layman language can be referred to as "Couples living" that is, the living together of a male and female student as husband and wife. The female student will perform the role of a house wife by cooking, washing and doing all other chores while the male counterpart will perform the role of a husband by providing money, foodstuff and at the same marathon sex. Couples living can be sweet because of the benefit involved and at the same time the consequences can never be over emphasised. 

    There are two types of cohabitation/couples living on campus which are: Permanent Cohabitation and Temporary cohabitation. 

    Permanent cohabitation is the type of couples living whereby the male and female students live together as husband and wife. In this case the male and female will Merge their foodstuffs together, house rent will be combined and other stuffs will be merged together so as to contain both for survival during their stay on campus. 

    Temporary cohabitation: This is the type of cohabitation whereby the  student will abandon his/her own hostel for that of his boyfriend/Girlfriend. In this case, the lady can spend weekend in his boyfriend's hostel and sometimes a whole week or more than that but one thing is certain, the student won't be always available in his/her own hostel and the best place to find them is in their partner apartment/ hostel. 

    Reasons why students cohabitate on campus are 

    1. FREEDOM: Once a student get admission into the polytechnic or institution of higher learning they feel like they are now matured to live independently without any interference. some students who live couples living on campus take advantage of their freedom to do whatsoever things they like so they make use of the freedom to enjoy life with their lover.  In a situation whereby the parents might want to visit they have ways of arrangement to the extent that the parent won't know what is going on.  If you fall to this category, My advice for you is that you should try to make use of your freedom to do things that will benefit your life and not wasting your time cooking and washing plates for a guy whom there is no assurance that you will both marry after school.  Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to teach you how to live your life because I understand everyone have his/her own life to live. I'm just trying to call for  awake because majority of Those who did in the past regret their actions 

    2. MONEY:  The love of money has pushed many ladies to live  couples life on campus while others might be because of financial challenges. For example, A female student who can't afford accommodation for herself might eventually end up living with a guy. Some may have spend their school fees, accommodation fee on something else and living with a guy who is financial buoyant might be the solution to their problem. Money is a Major factor why students cohabitate on campus. Some guys also  move in to their girlfriends hostel due to financial problems. Well who am I to blame you for living a couples life because you are not financially  However, If you fall to this category, I will advise you to try as much as possible to Stop the habit of cohabitation try to  liberate yourself,  never depend on a man for survival because sooner or later he might use it against you. You Need to  find ways of getting your own money so that your man can respect you and not sitting down in his room doing what you ain't supposed to do. 

    3. BLIND LOVE:  Blinded love has been major reason why students cohabitate on campus especially nowadays once you toast a lady on campus boom 24 hours later she has moved in to your house. it always start with  visitation from there the guy will ask her to stay till the following morning from there one night 😂 followed by two nights the next thing you will see her spending two weeks later later she will upgrade from Temporary cohabitation to permanent cohabitation. In this category the reason why they live together as husband and wife is because of love 😂. Is love truly blind??? No!!!  love is not blind  Because you know The consequences of what you are doing  Just that you choose to ignore. If you like ignore by the time the result come your eyes will be clear. During my days in school one of my female friend dated a Jehovah witness the love was very hot to the extent She moved to the guy's house they play and always do things together to cut story short the guy sent her packing after the second semester examination they had issues. I warned her never to move in to a guy's house she wouldn't listen.  There is nothing wrong in spending some time with your lover and  I'm not saying you should not love or be in a relationship I'm just trying to tell you to apply sense Don't cohabitate either primary or secondary. 

    4. MARRIAGE:  Most of the students want their relationship to end in marriage so they believe that practice makes perfect and the best way to practice how marriage lookslike according to them is to start living as husband and wife on campus. If you go to the campus today ask any ND student about their plans after school majority of the answers you will get is "Marriage" I don't know why students of these days are eager to get married this has been reason why couples living on campus is getting too much. If you fall to this category, I want you to know that relationship is not same as marriage, don't allow the sweetness of relationship to rush you to do right thing at the wrong time. Although some couples living end in marriage but majority of the relationship do crash after graduation.


    1. PRE-MARITAL SEX:  Cohabitation exposes you to premarital sex which is the bedrock of early Marriage the grassroots of over population and poverty. Couples living on campus can make you a sex addict which might become a problem for in future. Free sex and marathon sex is one of the advantage of cohabitation and the consequences of premarital sex can't be over emphasised so the choice is yours if you think you can still put things in control. Last year I met a lady who claimed she is addicted to sex, she messaged me if there is any possible solution And when I studied her conversation very well she said she once lived with a guy for five years and always had sex which has made her Sex Addict. Despite  u recommend her down tips she still call me months ago that she had now married because she can't cope. Cohabitation is sweet but the consequences is bitter. I just hope you know what you are doing 

    2. Unwanted Pregnancy:  If you are very very observant you will notice these days that certain percentage of graduating ND and HND students have given birth while some of them already got pregnant 😂.  There are too many of them in polytechnic no need to be mentioning schools because they are in all schools and this is unconnected to couples living on campus.  How disapointed will your parents Be  if you tell them you are pregnant now??  Abi you think because your boyfriend is a yahoo boy warranty you to get pregnant 😨😨 My sister open your eyes ooo Majority of guys these days are not responsible what they have is only dick so if you don't want to end up being a single mother with unwanted pregnancy stay away from couples living. 

    3. ABORTION: Another consequences of Cohabitation is Abortion, although almost every girls has had abortion in their entire life but still couples living on campus expose you to  Multiple abortion Which in turns Kill your chance of conceiving  in future. Some ladies even Opted  for family planning where as they are not yet married all to enjoy the pleasure in cohabitation be wise No man will settle with a barren so I advise you to Be very careful So that you won't use your today to destroy your tomorrow. I have once been in a temporary cohabitation where I did abortion for a lady even thou I am not sure if truly she was pregnant but I can still remember sending her 20k to get rid of the baby tho we are no longer together But she told me she went through series of pain but as for me I don japaa. so you can see the risk Involved In cohabitation  now.  I'm not saying you should not be in a relationship my point is living a couples life should be the last thing on your mind. Apart from the fact that it can cause You  to have multiple abortion which is risky to your well-being It is also a big distraction you won't be able to focus on your studies or work. 

    4. REGRET: You may end up regretting all your actions because in most cases couples living on campus don't end in marriage it ends the moment one graduates from the institution(Not  in all cases). Imagine you didn't not later get married to him/Her you just wasted your money, time and resources. Let me also shock you, if possible poly withdraw you from school, another person will continue enjoying your babe so it's better you wise up Now before it gets too late.

    There was a friend of mine that did couples living on campus back in school then, Micheal was a very brilliant student, he was in SLT department while his girlfriend was in accountancy department. According to what he told me they have both been in a relationship since their secondary school so with the freedom of higher institution they settled For couples living As  they live Together as husband aND wife to the extent everyone of us get jealous of them on campus. They did frame in their room but one thing that shock me about Michael is his claim that he never touches his girlfriend he told us that both of them have plans for future and will get married after school. Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram won't rest with their posts of love. I told Michael that he was foolish to engage in such thing Called couples living  but he wouldn't listen. He swear to us that he has never had sex with his partner despite lIving Together because he was preserving her for marriage tho I don't believe. let me cut short the story, if I tell you that it was not up-to six months we graduated when the relationship crashed 😂 😂 😂 Micheal cried because it was a yahoo boy that snatched the babe, the virginity he was preserving for marriage has been eaten by hoodlum🤣🤣🤣🤣  All the money, efforts and other energy has been wasted. Micheal has deleted all the facebook posts of him and his babe while the babe has moved on with his life. This is a true life story of which you know I always write from my own perspective and personal experience.  I just want you to learn from Micheal mistake, I want you to know the  reason why you are in school is to learn not to groom a family There is time for everything don't rush. Some people cohabitate because their friends do it let me also remind you that you are not your friend, you are different even if others are doing it doesn't mean you should do same. You can nurture your relationship spend quality time with your partner and at the same time still achieve your goals But don't be Foolish to start living couples life on campus.

    Couples life is not about students only but as you know POLY TV is an education platform that is why I focused on students only still there are some ladies that just move in to a guy's house and start living as a wife pls stop that shit doing this will make you loose your self worth, dignity and your partner might see you as cheap.

     In conclusion, I am not criticising you and  others For  living  couples life  Because I am not perfect too. For the fact that I'm not living couples life doesn't make me saint besides there are some students that dont live couples Life yet has had Several  abortions, unwanted pregnancy Still what is bad is bad cohabitation is a bad habit you must stay away from. I learnt Bible and Quran forbid cohabitation maybe that's the reason why God gave me this  Platform(POLY TV)  to call for awake  for you to change before it's too late. Remember the consequences of cohabitation are premarital sex, unwanted pregnancy, regret, poverty, shame, heartbreak, Abortion, emotional trauma. Now the question is can you bear All these consequences????  I guess the answer is no right My dear student  Think about this. May God help you and I to change. Amen

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