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    Relationship can be grouped Into Distance and Close relationship and also there Also other   types  the relationship.

    1. Distance Relationship:  This is the type of relationship whereby the Partners are faraway from each other. One might be Schooling at Federal polytechnic oko while the other be Schooling in KADUNA polytechnic. Distance relationship is the best choice for some people as the distance has been the reason for loving each other. The challenges of distance relationship is Trust, cheating, communication and finance. In most cases partners do break apart over trust issues or due to poor communication. It is believed that feelings die when there is no effective communication. It takes time, maturity, love, trust and honesty to build a distance relationship. From my own findings I learnt distance relationship Do last longer than every other types/category of relationships. Another Benefit of this relationship is that it  save you from unwanted pregnancy, marathon sex etc 

    2. CLOSE RELATIONSHIP:  This is the type of relationship whereby both partners are close to each other. In this case, they might be in the same state, school or location and there are chances of meeting each other often and often. The challenges of close relationships are marathon sex, Freedom, Money. Close relationships can limit your freedom especially when your partner is the jealous type also close relationships expose you to marathon sex as you may not be able to turn down sexual advances from your partner. Advantage of close relationship is that both partners can spend time Together with little money unlike distance relationship. You can visit your boyfriend with just #500 transport since you both are in the same location.


     AGREEMENT RELATIONSHIP: This is the type of relationship built on one agreement or the other. Agreement relationship is also one of the best relationship. In this case, before dating each other there has to be clarification between both of You, the agreement might be, "No sex, No Billing, No cheating, No Visitation,  No going on date" etc depending on the agreement reached from both sides and once this agreement is breached the relationship is over. I have been in an agreement relationship before,  we had an agreement not to kiss nor have sex for a year and it worked tho we are no longer together but still I think agreement relationship is good. People who venture into agreement relationship are mostly strict persons. The challenges of this type of relationship is that, the agreement are mostly Breached. For instance, the lady might say she doesn't want sex until after her NATIONAL DIPLOMA or until she turns 25 while the guy might agree at first but along the line He  will start pressuring the lady in which at the end the relationship might crash. I Love agreement relationship because it may prevents Future  misunderstanding. Anytime I want to go into  relationship now I always tell her, "I hope you understand the nature of my job" I might not be able to call you everyday, chat you often or give you all my attention do you agree or not? If she say yes, good. So that later on when we start dating there won't be complain or nagging also she won't be thinking maybe I am ignoring her. Agreement relationship is good but the major challenges is breach of the agreement and once the agreement is beached the relationship might crash.

    HOOKUP RELATIONSHIP:  This is the type of Relationship where you don't even know him or her but just decided to give it a trial. Hookup relationship majorly originated from social media such as facebook, WhatsApp twitter and sometimes in the club, or by roadside. Sometimes it leads to marriage but majority of it always crash after sex. The secret of Hookup relationship is communication, once you are able to communicate effectively and have a lovely chat with him/her the relationship might survive. It is very easy to fall in love in hookup relationship but the challenges here is trust and personality  as it is hard to trust someone you don't know. And also personality is Another  challenge As you can fall in love online but when you get to know him/her in real life you discover S/he is not your type just like falling in love with POLY TV 😂 if you see me for real life you will run.  Many girls have been raped, killed under the guise of hookup relationship.  Majority of Hookup relationship are not serious relationship as men only use the advantage to have free sex.  The solution to Hookup relationship is to take things slow, study the man/Woman you are dating before falling deeply in love. I have tried  hookup relationship before and it was awesome at first but few weeks later we broke up and that was the shortest relationship I ever had in my life I cut the relationship not because I didn't love her but because I couldn't cope with her behaviors.  Many relationships these days are hookup relationship based on where it originated from .

    TOXIC/PARASITIC RELATIONSHIP: A toxic or Parasitic relationship is a relationship characterized by behaviors on the part of the toxic partner that are emotionally and, not infrequently, physically damaging to their partner. In this relationship you don't benefit or gain anything than damage, there is nothing you can do or give to your partner what you get is negative response S/he never appreciates or understand, if She doesn't complain about your dick size he will complain about your saggy breast and  Stature. Toxic relationship is prone to abuse, fight and always misunderstanding, too much jealousy with unhappiness. This relationship  look as if you are the one dating yourself, a relationship where your partner only cares about his/herself, only.  Toxic relationship is otherwise known as parasitic relationship in the sense that you are the one who is loosing or getting damaged in the relationship. Alot of girls today are toxic and parasites in relationships they only care about the money and once it's finished boom they fled That's what parasite means, parasite feed on you, benefit from you, gain from you but what you gain from parasite is toxicity. The best solution to toxic or parasitic relationship is to get rid of the relationship. The simple illustration of a parasitic relationship is this, if you go for medical check up and doctor tell you  that you have a worm disturbing you in your stomach? What will you do to the worm? You will take drugs that will either kill it or flush it out of your stomach isn't so? Same thing applicable to toxic relationship the best thing is to let go and move on with your life before S/he finally finish you. 

    HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP: healthy relationship involves mutual caring, respect, and compassion, an interest in our partner’s welfare and growth, an ability to share control and decision-making, in short, a shared desire for each other’s happiness. A healthy relationship is a safe relationship, a relationship where we can be ourselves without fear, a place where we feel comfortable and secure.  This is a very scare relationship and it is hard to find because in a healthy relationship partner stay loyal to each other without cheating. if you want to achieve a healthy relationship start by respecting your partner, show interest in His/her own interest, Respect his/her decision, build compassion for his/her welfarism.

     FUCK ME I GIVE YOU MONEY/BENEFIT RELATIONSHIP:  This relationship is the most common these days, in "fuck me  I give you money" relationship what matters to both partner is, "Sex and money". As long as he is giving her money and getting sex in return no problems. The category of people who practise this type of relationship are mostly yahoo Boys and bad boys. Both partners   knows within themselves that the relationship won't head anywhere but due to money and the benefits, the relationship has to continue that way, sometimes it may lead to marriage While in some cases it's just "Yeye marriage" You know that kind of marriage where the lady will moved in after giving her belle 😒 . In this type of relationship nothing productive ever comes out of it than to just collect knacks and collect money. This type of relationship is also known as benefit relationship because the lady bills and other responsibilities will be footed by the guy. Alot of people are in "Fuck me I, give you money" relationship thinking they are in healthy relationship. If what you only get in your relationship is knacks and money and nothing else probably you are in a benefit relationship. Benefit relationship is good anyway cheating is allowed Since both of them knows truly that they can't marry themselves.

    RELIGIOUS/COURTSHIP RELATIONSHIP: Religious relationship is a relationship built on faith(believe). This is the best relationship because it is bounded by Islamic and  Bible  laws. Religious relationship is otherwise known as courtship relationship and it is entirely different from other types of relationship. The partner is referred to as "Fiancee" unlike other types of relationship where partners are referred to as Boyfriend /Girlfriend and also the relationship most times lead to marriage. Sex is prohibited in courtship or religious relationship. The challenges of this type of relationship is Temptation, sometimes the partners may break the rules bounding the relationship and also being romantic might be an issue in religious relationship You know how those S.U and sisters in hijab use to behave now 😂 well it's good tho if that's what you think it's best for you. Religious relationship is boring. Women do opt for religious relationship after they have use their Youth days to catch cruise you will always find them in church sweeping hopping for the right man to come at the age of 40 sorry mummy Mr right will soon arrive .

    Friendship RELATIONSHIP :  This type of relationship usually start with friendship, I learnt some research shows that friendship relationship is the best because you already know him or her but to me I think friend should be friend Except if you truly like his/her  personality, I mean if S/he is a man/woman of your dreams. A good female friend is better than a female girlfriend. Guys always get this wrong, they think dating their best friend is the best decision but the case is not so we always mistake friendship love for relationship love. Before you go into friendship relationship make sure you are making the right choice. All these my write up experience I got them  through my relationship with my female friends I had in the past. I had about 7 female friends then and we were very close some of my male friends always pressure me to propose to one of them but the truth is "Female friend is better than a female girlfriend" they sleep comfortably in my room tho I was still a novice then I love each of them and they give me a name "Our husband" 😂 I almost knack  them but I was very scared that year so I just had to take off my mind of anything that had to do with sex and we were fine. So what's the point here? The point here is that Dating your friend   sometimes may end up spoiling the friendship, that we were good friends doesn't mean we will be good for relationship. One thing about friendship relationship is that atimes you will just be confused whether you guys are dating or still friends because of the free knacks. Lol some bad boys always use this statement "Can we be friends" to catch their fish from Girls and from friends  they start to approach you till they chop your kpekus and fled. This type of relationship is also known as Betsy relationship, you have seen a situation where friends knack eachothers?? Don't be surprised who knows maybe your girlfriend besty is assisting her with knacks 😂. From my experience I also learnt that most ladies do reject friendship relationship, they will be like "We can only be friends" along the line they still end up spreading legs for the friend like seriously friend should be friend however if you think your friend is the man/woman of your dreams then you can give it a trial but please let us not Mistake a crush love, friendship love for love relationship. I don knack my two best friend before and we are still friends 🙌 may God forgive my past mistakes.

    SEX PARTNERS: This one Is similar to fuck me I give you money relationship but senior it. Sex partner relationship is majorly for sex. Both of them don't care about money or material things what they want is only sex. You must have heard people saying "I dont have a boyfriend but I have a sex partner" 😂  this relationship is good because nobody cares about money or whatever make we just fuck.  I have only experienced this Once in my life and that was in 2014, a married woman confronted Me through one of my ICT information group then we chat and chat she said her husband nah one minute man well God forgive me I just dey give her head. Both of us dey enjoy ourselves no problem with money or anything make we just fuck. I won't advise my enemy to try this shit because most times it end in tears I regret my actions because what I did Then is, stil giving me PTSD 😔 till date and that is why I pend down this write up so that you won't make this same mistake. It's better having a good partner than a sex Partner

    DATING RELATIONSHIP: This is the modern day relationship, in this type of relationship both partners have the intention of marrying each other  If possible the relationship will work, they can go on date, kiss, have sex, have fun and even show their affection on social media. Dating relationship is a modern day relationship and it's okay. The challenges of dating relationship is cheating as your partner can be dating you and still be dating another person.

    MARRIAGE RELATIONSHIP: This is the old generation relationship, this is type of relationship the man will just propose marriage to you direct. His major intention is to marry you. He will meet with your family to know them and make things work out. In marriage relationship, both partners knows eachother family and everyone already knows them that sooner or later they will marry each other. The challenges of this relationship is time and age. Sometimes those who propose marriage relationships to you might be matured man who is far older than you and already settled down. Also time is the challenge as your partner might not be ready to tie the knot years after introduction.

    In conclusion, I need to drop my pen here for now but I believe by now you should have know which category your relationship falls. There is nothing as sweet as having a healthy relationship but healthy relationship is difficult to Build  because these  Days Because materials is cost 😂 The Healthy relationship I thought I have been building for two years a yahoo boy came To demolish it and rebuild it again I was shocked I wasted two years for nothing it was then I realized that my relationship was "fuck me I give you money" relationship and not a healthy relationship  Lol it is not easy to build relationships nowadays especially in this century where our youth knows nothing than money and sex well I pray God help us sha. However let us try as much as possible to be loyal to our partners, understand eachother, build love, show interest in one another and also draw closer to God because God himself is love so if you don't know God/Allah you can't experience true love. Bye for now 🥰😘.  Drop your comments about this write up. Thanks 😘🥰

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